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Wedding Decoration: Tips and Trends for 2021

1622945342 Wedding Decoration Tips and Trends for 2021

Check out our exclusive tips for wedding decoration and have a beautiful and unforgettable moment with the one you love, following the main trends for 2021.

Bridal fashion, wedding dress models, decorations to create the perfect set design, colors, fabrics, popular floral arrangements… Anyway, there are many things for preparing a wedding, aren’t they?

So, keep reading our article and find out here, on Thousand Tips for Mom, all about the main aspects of a wedding. Come on?

Decoration for weddings

Groom putting wedding ring on bride during wedding ceremony. Photo Credit: Freepik

Wedding Decoration: Tips and Trends for 2021

In 2021, newlyweds will want to breathe new air and enjoy the moments even more. Couples’ attention will be focused on creating a personalized wedding, with meticulous attention to detail and the experience to be lived.

Here are the top wedding trends for 2021, both for fashion and for wedding decor.

More intimate or more luxurious weddings

When it comes to organizing the wedding, in 2021 there will be couples with two lines of thought: those who will opt for a mini wedding of up to 30 people and those who prefer a super party.

At mini weddings, the bride and groom will create an informal atmosphere of family reunion, with full participation of all guests, outdoor activities, return to traditions and creation of memories. The wedding will be ecological, accessible, casual, simple and relaxed.

Unlike this, choose will be those who will wait for the wedding day to celebrate in a memorable way. The wait and uncertainty for the event will make you even more full of anticipation and desire to celebrate.

From dress to entertainment, everything will be over-sized! The wedding celebration can last up to a weekend because it will be combined with other activities that extend the party.

Weddings during the week

One of the main problems that couples will face in 2021 will be the choice of the date, due to the number of weddings postponed in 2020. With this, the newlyweds will begin to consider getting married during the weekdays, from Monday to Thursday.

This is when most vendors are most available, relaxed and happy to fill the calendar, costs are much lower, the most desirable locations are probably available.

Another interesting trend will be choosing to get married in the fall or winter. Imagine a reception in the warm colors of undergrowth. Amazing, isn’t it?

Safety and health as priorities

Safety and hygiene measures are being incorporated into the wedding day protocol in creative ways.

In 2020, the alcohol gel totems and protocols to be followed to receive guests at the entrance of any church or place were born.

Couples will find unique ways to dispense alcohol gel to guests – from personalized mini bottles as pre-wedding party favors to even having staff hand out mini bottles on trays during the event.

This novelty is also called the “welcome box”, with an extra touch of style. The first point of contact with guests, the first welcome action, with a personal hygiene and disinfection kit, to put everyone at ease and safely right away.

In addition, couples can offer guests gloves and masks (in colors or prints that match the decor and style of the wedding day).

Suppliers and staff must also wear personal protective equipment.

Decoration for weddings

Decoration of an outdoor wedding, on a green lawn, with chairs and flowers. Photo Credit: Freepik

Decoration for weddings 2021

Local flowers, dried flowers and foliage

More than floral arrangements, what exists now is the so-called floral design. Shapes and settings are created, all moved by flowers. Color palettes, styles, techniques and new textures are being experimented with.

In the decoration for 2021 weddings, the natural garden style is very present, more rustic, wild, romantic. It is characterized by the presence of a lot of foliage and few flowers, refined and fragrant, coming from local producers.

Rigid compositions with floral sponge are abandoned and the natural movement of the flowers is respected, arranging them in vintage vases.

Arrangements will consist of fresh flowers, dry flowers and grasses. The harmony of these materials, if created to perfection, is spectacular. The message is to choose something lasting!

flower bows

As country and beach weddings are more popular than ever, the altar decorated with flower arches has also become a trend!

As the main setting for the most important moment of the ceremony, the arch needs to have everything to do with the couple and the color palette of the decoration. You can bet on simple arrangements to decorate the arch or an abundance of flowers and plants to color the room.

Selective close-up shot of silver diamond rings on orange tulips and white roses Free Photo

Two wedding rings on top of orange tulips and white roses. Photo Credit: Freepik

Decoration for weddings 2021

Colors that break patterns

Old white, pinks and pastels have always been there… And they have always worked, but what if you want to be bolder? Fashion will prove you’re right, because one of the main trends is to bet on new colors.

That’s right, different combinations of colors to fall in love will be present both in the decoration of the tables, in the accessories, as in the flowers and stationery.

Check out some colors present in the decoration for weddings in 2021:

Sage green and terracotta

A pair that works very well together, with a rustic yet ultra-modern feel. Suitable for natural materials such as chiffon or linen. It brings a country touch but refined, warm and engaging.

dusty pink and marsala

For more romantic couples and generally combined with more classic lines will be dusty pink and marsala.

Very elegant and refined, the combination will be ideal for the spring, autumn and winter seasons, creating a relaxed atmosphere with personality thanks to the presence of the darkest tones of marsala.

dusty blue

One of the expected trends for 2021 is a cross between this shade of dark blue and light blue, called dusty blue.

This particular exquisite nuance of color, much appreciated by wedding decorators, has already made its way into fashion shows, editorials and panels on Pinterest, now we hope it will be increasingly present at royal weddings.


A color that emerged timidly a few years ago and in 2021 will leave us speechless is yellow. This color is present in small details or replacing sunlight.

It will definitely bring energy, good vibes and refinement to the most courageous weddings. Also, yellow will look perfect when paired with a very neutral or mostly white palette and paired with candles and linen.

Tall vases with white candles stand under shiny branches Free Photo

Tree branches with several small lights (blinker) and two white candles standing in the center. Photo Credit: Freepik

Details in wedding decor

Guests were greeted, greeted, and when it’s time to sit down at the table, they will continue to be pampered.

At that point, they will receive a special place card or small personalized gift.

In 2021, the presence of an intimate detail will be essential on the tables, whether it’s a handkerchief with the initials or simply a thank you card.

An act of gratitude through which the couple express their gratitude to the guests who, despite everything, are by their side in the celebration.

The decoration of the tables

Table decoration is now called Table Styling. When we talk about choosing a design, creating a set design, a floral design, we also talk about table art.

It is an aspect of the setting that cannot be left out, as it concerns the choice of plates, cutlery, glasses and how these become unique elements in the composition of the table.

The styling of the tables follows the style and colors of the wedding and therefore, most of the time, breaks the classic codes of ivory tablecloths and silver cutlery.

The 2021 wedding tables will feature colors, metals, place cards, fine candles, Vichy tablecloths and rattan chairs.

Decoration for weddings

Wooden wedding table with decorative flowers, cutlery, napkins and glass bowls. Photo Credit: Freepik

Outdoor Wedding, Curtains & Lighting

O outdoor wedding continues to rise and the alternatives to create an engaging environment are numerous.

From next season onwards, we will get used to seeing pergolas covered in foliage, huge gazebos with roofs of lights and garlands and, among the most interesting novelties, tents.

Respectively, we are talking about weddings in super chic camps or celebrated in an outdoor space chosen by the spouses under ultra-luxury tarpaulins and tents, lit by millions of lights.

A great option for weddings in 2021, as the pandemic is still present in much of the world.

Touch of lights and neon are on the rise

Neon signs are hot right now! Both on a photo panel and at the entrance to the ceremony, the piece works to give a cool and modern touch to the decoration. Especially when combined with flower arrangements.

Sustainability and upcycling

In 2021, everything is greener, even in the wedding sector! That’s right, the ceremonies that cause less impact on the environment are with everything.

Sustainable weddings, which have been in fashion for a few years, are becoming a priority for more and more couples.

Local producers are prioritized, as are seasonal flowers, fruits and vegetables. Stationery made with paper…

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