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Tumblr Birthday Text: For 1 year old daughter’s birthday

Tumblr Birthday Text For 1 year old daughters birthday

if you want one birthday text for 1 year old Tumblr, then you’ve arrived at a good place! In this post we’ve put together some text options, messages and exclusive phrases for you to use to honor your little princess.

For this, follow the content to the end and take the opportunity to be inspired at will. Come on?

Birthday text for 1 year old Tumblr

1 year anniversary decoration. Photo: Freepik

Tumblr 1 year old birthday text – options to get you inspired

The Tumblr social network is full of inspirational texts and phrases. These phrases and texts can also be used on other social networks and, therefore, in this content you will find several options for “1 aninho da princess text Tumblr”.

Here, there are plenty of possibilities for you to honor your one-year-old daughter in the best possible way. After all, it’s like they say: “it’s only been 1 year once”, and that’s why we should mark this date with incredible tributes, isn’t it?

Because even though your daughter still doesn’t know how to read, when she grows up and accesses your social networks, or reads the baby’s diary and photo albums, she’ll notice how much you wrote beautiful and loving messages. And this is critical for children’s emotional growth!

Showing love is always positive. To do this, follow our selection with texts, ready-made messages and phrases (including photos) for you to save. Follow:

Birthday text for 1 year old Tumblr

Birthday text for Tumblr 1 year old daughter. Photo: Freepik

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Text 01- 1 Aninho of my daughter Tumblr

If you search for “1 year old of my princess Tumblr text” then check out this text option to get inspired, use on your social networks or print:

“Today is an amazing day. It’s the day we complete a year of history, smiles, tears, discoveries and transformations.

Daughter, can you believe it’s been a year since I first held your little hand? Or since the first time you snuggled into my lap?

I still remember your bright, suspicious, attentive look… Visualizing each fragment around you, trying to recognize where you were.

I remember, too, how much you were looking for me. By God, how nice it was to see your search!

Birthday text for 1 year old Tumblr

Mother kissing her baby. Photo: Freepik

Today, a year later, I still feel those sensations I felt on the first day. But I also feel a lot more.

I feel the pleasure of being your mother. I feel the joy of seeing your growth. I feel the thrill of being part of your development. I am proud of your every evolution, my little princess.

A year has passed since our story began. A long chapter was filled in those 365 days. But what I want to say, my beauty, is that I’m ready for another 365 days. And more. And more.

I’m ready for our story. I’m ready for new chapters. May this anniversary be the first of many that we will celebrate together.

I love you, daughter!”

Did you like 1 year old Tumblr’s 1st birthday text? Tell us in the comments! But keep reading, there’s more for you.

Birthday text for 1 year old Tumblr

Birthday text for Tumblr 1 year old daughter. Photo: Freepik

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Text 02- 1 year old of my princess Tumblr text

Below you can see another Tumblr 1 year old birthday text option to get inspired and use however you like:

“I always dreamed of fairy tales. I always dreamed of those incredible moments, full of feelings, love, companionship, affection.

What I didn’t imagine, daughter, was that this love, this care and all these wonderful feelings would be lived by your side.

What I didn’t imagine is that you would be the love of my life!

Birthday text for 1 year old Tumblr

Baby lying down. Photo: Freepik

And since I could have you in my arms, this conviction was growing and getting stronger.

Amazing day you came into the world… Amazing day you became MY world!

Today, a year later, I can say with all the lyrics that I really live a fairy tale story: not a romance… Something purer and stronger than that…

I live the love of loving you.

I love you, daughter. May your new year be filled with love, affection, growth and all that is good. I will always be with you!”

Below is more birthday text option for 1 year old Tumblr!

Birthday text for 1 year old Tumblr

Birthday text for Tumblr 1 year old daughter. Photo: Freepik

Text 03- Birthday text for 1 year old daughter

“For a year I have been experiencing a whirlwind of emotions. I have been discovering, every day, new sensations that before I even imagined my heart was capable of feeling.

For a year now I’ve been experimenting with many flavors. The taste of seeing your bright little eyes. The taste of hearing your voice. The taste of feeling your scent. The taste of having you in my lap…

Oh, daughter! There are so many flavors experienced since you came into this world, I even wonder how I was able to live without it one day.

After all, today I have the real conviction that I can’t live without you. I can’t live without your hot giggle. I don’t live without the warmth of the touch of your little hand on mine. I don’t live without your presence in my life.

You have become a pillar of my existence. And I dare say you have become the meaning of my existence!

I love you my little princess. And I want to be with you a year from now, two, ten, a thousand… I want to be with you forever.

Thank you for making me happy. You are the love of my life! Happy Birthday!”

Enjoying Tumblr 1 year old birthday text options? Then check out our inspirational message ideas below!

Birthday text for 1 year old Tumblr

Birthday text for Tumblr 1 year old daughter. Photo: Freepik

1 year old daughter birthday message

THE 1 year old message to daughter may, now, not have that broad sense for the little one, after all, she still has a lot to learn. But, the message can serve as a support for the mother, who is able to put her feelings into words, making them eternal…

Therefore, we invite you to use our message options to post in statuses, stories, photo captions, and even to print and use in the developed photo album!

Get inspired and use the phrases freely for these purposes that we mentioned:

  1. Today my heart beats an unconditional love. A love that was born more than a year ago, but that I could feel in my arms 365 days ago. When you were born, my daughter, all the conceptions of love I had just turned small next to what I felt next to you. Thank you for changing my life, my little princess! I love you!
  2. My daughter, happy birthday! Know that your mom is all thrilled with the idea of ​​already celebrating her first birthday in this world. At the same time, know that I am the happiest person in the universe to have you with me, my beautiful.
  3. My sweet daughter… A year has passed since we started our mother-daughter adventure, and I have so much to tell you… But I deprive myself of just one point: I am absolutely fulfilled to have you, my doll. Happy Birthday!
  4. Today my little girl is one year old. A year of love, discoveries, learning… A year of surprising sensations. May we celebrate many years together, my beautiful! I love you! Happy Birthday!

Birthday text for 1 year old Tumblr

Birthday text for Tumblr 1 year old daughter. Photo: Freepik

  1. Daughter, thank you for introducing me to true love a year ago. Before you, life was not so colorful and bright. You arrived and everything changed! I hope that every year of your life will be happier and more incredible, just like this one. I love you!
  2. You arrived in my life as an expected order… One of those that we stay at the window waiting to arrive. After all, my beautiful one, a year ago you showed me what it’s like to love unconditionally… And today, we’ve completed a year of pure love! I love you, my daughter. Happy Birthday!
  3. When you arrived, my little princess, you healed me. Healed my being. He cured everything that had ever happened to me that was bad in my life. When I had nothing left to offer, you saved my life! It changed my story, my course. I am so happy to be your mother. I love you, my greatest gift! Happy Birthday Princess!

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THE 1 year anniversary message for daughter it can be very intense and striking. Also remember that your daughter, when she grows up, will be able to read these messages you posted or wrote in your baby’s diary!

Birthday text for Tumblr 1 year old daughter. Photo: Freepik

Birthday phrases for one-year-old daughter

To wish happy birthday to 1 year old daughter it’s simpler than it sounds. You can use the phrases below on your social media or write cards for your daughter, which she can read when she grows up. See the options:

  1. It feels like yesterday… But it’s been a year since you changed my life, my princess!
  2. Happy birthday, my little princess. Know that you changed Mom’s life!
  3. There are 365 achievements that I have lived since I saw your eyes for the first time, my daughter.
  4. By your side, daughter, I could discover what true love is. Thank you for this one year!
  5. Dear daughter, be always blessed and happy in everything you do! I love you!

1 year anniversary decoration. Photo: Freepik

  1. It’s a year of experiencing the purest and most unconditional love in the world. Happy birthday, daughter!
  2. 12 months cheering everyone around. You are amazing, my daughter!
  3. May your new year be filled with a lot of pink, love, care and growth, my girl.
  4. Having you with me, in this one year, was the biggest and best gift of my life.
  5. A year later and we are all to be congratulated! After all, it was a lot of discovery, wasn’t it? And let more come, my girl!

Birthday text for Tumblr 1 year old daughter. Photograph:…

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