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Star anise coffee

how to make star anise coffee

how to make star anise coffee

See how to make the delicious and beloved star anise coffee and get another simple and super special coffee recipe for your favorite drink list.

how to make star anise coffee

This is a more refined and special drink, as it has a low alcohol content and uses a liqueur in its composition.

the star anise

This is a plant native to China and Vietnam. Therefore, it is considered a spice with wide use in traditional Chinese medicine and cooking. It has a delicious aroma and that is why it is always present in oriental dishes.

Here in the West it is always used in teas and if you like star anise tea, you will surely love this coffee recipe!

How to Make Star Anise Coffee

See below how to make this coffee step by step and discover how simple it is.

how to make star anise coffee


The list of ingredients is quite simple, except for the star anise liqueur which is not so easy and not so cheap. But if you like this flower (anise), you should try this version.

  • 2 star anise flowers
  • 30 ml star anise liqueur (cannot be replaced)
  • 50 ml of very strong coffee (brewed or Italian)
  • 200 ml of hot or steamed milk (see our list of vegetable milks)

how to make star anise coffeeHere is an example of anise liqueur used in the preparation of different types of drinks. Especially for sweetening espresso coffee in Europe. Very chic isn’t it!?

Method of preparation: Star anise coffee

When making coffee, leave one of the aniseed flowers in hot water or while brewing the coffee.

The preparation is so much simpler than an ordinary coffee, as it is enough to mix all the ingredients in the cup and stir. But remember that the milk needs to be hot and the cup must also be pre-warmed.

Finally, decorate a star anise flower and serve the coffee. No doubt you will surprise everyone!

You can also decorate this drink with a creamy coffee recipe that we posted here before. VHere’s how to make a delicious creamy coffee.

how to make star anise coffee

That’s it, I hope you enjoy this recitation a lot. Be sure to let us know about your experience trying to make the star anise coffee. Because we love to hear from you!

What I can say is that I did and enjoyed a lot, just follow the step by step carefully and it works out well. Kisses and until next time.

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