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Pink Party: decoration ideas, clothes, menu and invitation

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The color of dreams, delicate marshmallows, petals, love and fashion. For girls, a pink party is immersion in the world of dreams, the fabulous atmosphere of castles in the air and wonderful looks!

But, thanks to the variety of tones and the unlimited possibilities of imagination, there are many options.

1 – Choose the shade of pink

Certainly purple, salmon, coral, peach, fuchsia are a small fraction of the shades that give pink a special shade.

pink party

Pink party – Photo: freepik

The choice depends a lot on the atmosphere that will prevail in your pink party. For example, for 7 year olds, glamorous pink is not entirely suitable, but on a 10 year old girl’s birthday it will be perfect!

So, now add some auxiliary tones to improve printing. Options to match pink:

  • White,
  • Grey,
  • Blue,
  • Lilac,
  • Green,
  • Silver
  • Golden.

It is important that the additional colors do not drown out the base and coincide with the pink tint.

You can have a pink party at home and in a rented or open-air lounge – the choice of venue does not matter. But if there is such an opportunity, it is better to give preference to a bright room with the possibility of seating, a sweet table, a games room and a photographic area.

We offer ideas for decorating a pink party for girls of any age.

2 – Pink party decoration

Paper Decorations

1 year anniversary pink

pink 1 year anniversary – Photo: Freepik

Circular fans on the walls, lanterns on the ceiling and above tables, pompoms, buttons, garlands, hearts, butterflies and everything else. There are many options.

Decoration with pink balls

pink party decoration

pink party decoration – Photo: Freepik

First, tie helium balloons to the ceiling and decorate the long “tails” of the ribbons with themed decorations. You can throw balloons on the floor, especially if this is a pink party for children.

Pink flowers

It is not only necessary roses, on the contrary – it is more interesting to choose several harmonious species.

pink flowers

pink flowers – Photo: Freepik

Decorate the room with large flowers with artificial buttons and petals. Complement the bouquets with multicolored ribbons, crystal “drops”, decorative branches and much more!

Princesses and fairies

Certainly, for the birthday of a girl from 1 to 7 years old, princesses, cartoons, dolls and fairies, will match the atmosphere.

princess dress

Princess dress – Photo: Freepik

Children from 10 years old (and sometimes even before) are already interested in everything related to fashion – Barbie, glamorous celebrities and so on.

So choose the simple ideas: the pink-style design is wonderful in itself, only with the play of colors is it easy to create the desired atmosphere.

3 – Pink party invitations

First of all, invitations to “Pink Party” are a popular theme for children. So there are dozens of invitation card templates on the Internet.

pink party invitation idea

pink party invitation idea – Photo: Frepik

pink party invitation

pink party invitation – Photo: Freepik

Print on good quality thick paper, decorate with ribbon and rhinestones.

Therefore, an invitation to a pink party can be made in the form of a princess crown, an ice lolly, a Barbie or ballerina silhouette, a heart and much more.

4 – Pink party clothes

Almost every girl has a pink dress and accessories for it, a minimum of concern for the parents, if you only specify the color as the only requirement for the dress code.

butterfly costume for party

Girl in butterfly outfit for party – Photo: Freepik

Another option is to highlight the birthday girl: all guests can go in white (or blue) and pink accessories, but the guest is dressed all in pink.

5 – Pink party menu

The menu is much easier than it looks.

Thus, cotton candy, popcorn, pasta, marshmallows, cupcakes, ice cream, mousses – all of these delicacies can be easily supplied in the desired color.

tidy table

Tidy party table – Photo: Freepik

In addition, you can also color strawberries and fruits, cookies and lollipops all in pink.

In addition to the sumptuous birthday cake and the chocolate bar, prepare light meals for adults and children who don’t like sweets. It is not even necessary to organize an exuberant banquet, but it can be mini sandwiches, canapés and salads in portions.

6 – Location of the pink party

Then you must think about the location and the design of the room. For a baby in the first year of life, it will be more common to spend the first birthday at home, in a family environment.

kids celebrating

Children celebrating the party – Photo: Freepik

And if she gets tired of the noise and the amount of new people, she can fall asleep calmly in her favorite crib with her favorite toy.

As for the design, then, of course, the shades of pink and the shadows should prevail in everything – from the walls to the decorative elements. But don’t overdo it, because everything is good in moderation.

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