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Most used decorations for children’s parties: 3 trends

Most used decorations for childrens parties 3 trends

You are planning your child’s birthday and are unsure of what to do next. most used decorations for children’s parties this year? You have arrived at the right place.

Here I gathered some decorations that will be a trend for the year 2021 and that your little one will surely love.

Many parents, and especially moms, end up thinking that organizing their children’s birthday party is a beast with seven heads, but with organization and planning you can prepare everything without stress, without a headache and with good economics.

The best tip for organizing a children’s party and also any other type of party concerns the time for research. If you have a good time for research, know that everything will be all right. But let’s get to the point, the most used decorations for children’s parties.

There are some themes that never go out of style when it comes to children’s party decorations, while others end up being very cyclical and temporal.

In order for you not to make a mistake, it is also worth considering what your child likes, as children over four or five years old end up having their preferences with regard to the theme of their party.

The decoration of the children’s party: importance

The children’s party needs to be well elaborated and equally thought out, since it is a long-awaited moment. Children look forward to this moment, being marked by the presence of their friends, family and food they love. And of course, the decoration that ends up giving that up in any and all parties and that enchants everyone.

Speaking of decoration, the time was gone for something totally traditional, today parents bet heavily on innovation for the children’s party and more and more the decor has been out of the standard, bringing a lot of creativity enchanting everyone present .

So if you don’t want to make mistakes and don’t want to do badly, see below for most used decorations for children’s partiesin the year 2021.

Most used decorations for children’s parties: themes that are on the rise

Themed parties are excellent for children and are always the most popular among the little ones. For girls as well as boys, many of the common themes in the past year will end up being on the rise.

Among them for girls we have unicorn, royalty, enchanted garden and also flamingos. For boys the hot topics are children’s toys, outer space and astronaut.

The characters, as we mentioned at the beginning, are also and continue to be on the rise this year, being one of the most used decorations in children’s parties.

Among the characters that are stamped presence at children’s parties and mark a trend for this year we have Mickey and Minnie, Justice League, Avengers, LOL, Titans, Patrol Canine, Monica’s Gang, Peppa Pig, Lion King, Minions, Little Prince, Man Spider, Wonder Woman, among others.

If the child is too young to have their favorite character, parents can choose a neutral theme that also has a lot of output.

The most common neutral themes are circus, forest, color party, 60’s and ice cream party.

Tips for decorating the space

There are countless ways you can use to decorate your little one’s party environment and it all depends on where the party will be held. For example, knowing the most used decorations for children’s partieshelps you and gives you a place to start, but also take into account the location of the party so that you can adjust everything in a harmonious and balanced way.

For example, some parents choose to party on the balcony or in the backyard, or even in the gourmet space. All of this ends up changing in a significant way with the decoration must be done.

It is worth mentioning here that all details are extremely important since they can make a difference in the construction of a beautiful environment that will yield many photos of this special moment for your child.

Every whim is worth it, as this will result in a decoration that, in turn, will result in beautiful photos and guaranteed fun for the little ones.

To help you a little beyond the most used themes that will also be a trend this year, I brought you a step by step of how you can decorate the environment and promote the child’s dream party.

Choose the theme for the party

Above brought the themes that are on the rise when it comes to children’s party decoration. For the girls, the three main ones that are more than guaranteed for this year are the enchanted garden, unicorn and royalty. The three were up in 2020 and have everything to stay up now in 2021.

For boys, the hot topics are children’s toys, outer space and also the forest.

Choosing the theme of your party makes it much easier to create a creative and super fun decoration for the party.

In addition, it is very common to find children who love a certain character and as such, parents must respect this preference after all, it’s their day, isn’t it? Give preference to the character if she already has one.

Set the day and location of the party

With the chosen theme you need to determine the day and place of the party. All of this helps you to determine the decoration of the same. See, if you don’t want to spend a lot on the party decoration and want a cheap and equally simple decoration, the best option ends up being keeping the party inside the house.

But to do this, it is necessary to check if the space available inside the residence comfortably accommodates all the guests.

In the case of the party in another location, advance here ends up being the watchword and it is necessary that you reserve the space and also decorate it so that everything goes as expected.

Watch out for the main panel

The main panel consists of the place where the child and the parents extinguish the candles on the cake and where many of the photos are taken. It ends up being one of the most important elements of the party, being something indispensable especially in the children’s party.

If the party is themed, the panel should bring references of that choice, if there is not a predominant theme at the party, parents can dare to build the panel.

In the production of this space, unleash your creativity and use from flasher curtains, paper flowers, bladders. What are not lacking are the most diverse possibilities.

most used decorations for children's parties

Cakes and sweets composing the decoration

An excellent option to give that final touch to your decor ends up being using the cake and also all the sweets as decorative items.

That’s right, the table of cakes and sweets ends up being the party area that draws the most attention and in this way it ends up being fundamental that you invest in a cake and a candy that matches well with the decoration of your entire environment. Both must be well decorated even in a super simple and inexpensive party.

Did you like to know more about the decorations most used in children’s parties? So be sure to follow the other articles on the blog, I have many other news for you!

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