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Minecraft Party: 60 inspirations from the world with blocks to venture


Your son asked you for a Minecraft party and are you lost? Calm down, I came to save you! If you have no idea what this Minecraft is about, I will make a brief summary: it is a game that is pumping among the kids, it is a game of blocks that is a fever among children. It works briefly like this: the players build little worlds, the kids can create objects and scenarios with a cool look, in the form of blocks… I think it’s good to explain, isn’t it? Lets go to what matters?

Just like I already gave several tips like Minnie, Mickey, Frozen etc. party, in this Minecraft party theme I will start showing the clothes that you can get inspired to make for your children, then cakes and cupcakes, decoration, activity table and souvenirs.

Birthday Outfit

So that birthdays feel like they are in the game, how about these clothes ideas for them? I really enjoyed the theme for the girls, did you like it? The other clothes are simpler, one t-shirt and body if you’re a baby.


customget outget outvariedvaried

Cookies and cupcakes Minecraft party

As in this theme the green color is striking, you can make some combinations with the colors green, brown, black and white, it will be very cool, see some ideas that I selected for you to be inspired. I hope you enjoy!

Minecraft gameMinecraft gameMinecraft PartyMinecraft Partydelightdelightcakecakegreen cakegreen cakeMinecraft cakeMinecraft cakecake and cupcakecake and cupcakeDelicious cakeDelicious cakecreative cakecreative cake

Minecraft decor and backdrops

I think it’s cool to be able to think of some cool idea for the scenario, as the game says, as the idea is to build blocks, how about you follow the same idea?

Separate items that simulate pixels and don’t forget to keep the green and brown tones and others of your choice.

colorful bulletcolorful bulletballoonballooncandycandychocolatechocolateMinecraft Party DecorMinecraft Party Decordecordecordecoration jokedecoration jokesimple decorationsimple decorationdecorationdecorationdecorationdecorationMinecraft PartyMinecraft PartygelatingelatinMinecraft goodiesMinecraft goodiesdecorated tabledecorated tabletabletablepanelpanelpersonalized petpersonalized pet

Children’s activity workshop

I found several super cute ideas for the corner for the kids to have fun and get closer to the party guests and activities that are linked to the game. You can make a photo plaque for the guests to take lots of photos.

Take a look at the ideas that I set out for you. Always remember to work on the playful side for children, only then will they feel literally within the theme and will feel that they are within the game.

adventureadventureJust kiddingJust kiddingcreatingcreatingfunnyfunnyMinecraft PartyMinecraft Partyactivity tableactivity tablecustom tablecustom tabletable for childtable for childgreengreen

Creative souvenirs

Many moms ask me what I could offer inside the souvenir bag, it will vary a lot, it depends on what you are willing to offer as souvenirs. As the name says, “souvenir” is not present, that is, offer something simple like sweets, cupcakes, some goodies that you find interesting to give as gifts, the only thing I always think is really cool to remember is to personalize the bags, or souvenir bags, like the ones I’ll show you in the inspirations below.

Then tell me if you liked those bags.

sweetssweetsMinecraft Party TreatsMinecraft Party Treatssouvenirsouvenirwhat to put inside the souvenirwhat to put inside the souvenirbag of memoriesbag of memories

I’m so happy that I managed to put all these ideas to decorate this theme. Some moms already sent me email asking for ideas on this topic, and I’m glad I decided to post here, because sometimes it’s too heavy to send so many things through email, then the post helps in that regard.

When someone asks for ideas on this topic again, just send the link of post! You can also do this if you know someone who is looking for this topic for inspiration.

I hope you wholeheartedly liked this theme of Minecraft party and let the party be a hit!

I’ll stay here, until the next post. A super kiss!

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I’ll stay here, until the next subject!

A super kiss!

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