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Learn how to make Christmas decorations out of cardboard. Step by step tutorial.

1585102772 Learn how to make Christmas decorations out of cardboard. Step

Christmas decorations with recycled cardboard

For today I have prepared the first tutorial of the season dedicated to Christmas. I love decorate the house with decorations made by me, so I start with time to prepare everything.

You know how I like it reuse all kinds of materials To make beautiful things and Christmas is no exception, that’s why these decorations are made with cardboard from packaging boxes.

We start by drawing the shapes of the decorations on a graph paper, also pointing to the drawing that we are going to embroider and cut out.


We transfer the drawing to a piece of cardboard and cut with a cutter. Depending on the thickness of the cardboard that we are using, we are going to need two or three pieces.christmas decorations with cardboard

We use a punch to mark the points where we will pass the needle to embroider the drawing. We can place two cards one on top of the other and mark them at the same time.

christmas decorations with recycled cardboard

We use embroidery thread or wool to make the drawing on the cardboard. I have used three cardboard for each decoration and in the piece that I have placed in the middle I have tied a piece of thread that will serve to hang the decoration when it is finished.


With the hot silicone gun I have glued the three cartons and then I have finished off the edge by gluing a cloth tape.

cardboard christmas decorations

You can make ornaments with all kinds of geometric figures, hearts, bells …

christmas decorations with recycled cardboard

and they look so beautiful

baubles_christmas_carton_2 baubles_christmas_carton_1

I am looking forward to putting them on the fir!

If you also like to make your own decorations and make your Christmas decoration unique, take a look at the rest of the Christmas tutorials on the blog, you will surely find plenty of inspiration.

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Until next time!

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