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How to wrap Christmas presents

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Wrapping Christmas presents with craft paper

We have the Three Kings around the corner and they are loaded with gifts. Like me I love pretty packages I’m lending you a hand to wrapping gifts. I am using craft paperwhich is my favorite wrapping paper and ribbons, jingle bells and labels in red gold and green, a combination of colors that remains the most Christmassy.

Let’s see the step by step to wrap Christmas gifts:

We start by wrapping the package with craft paper. You have to use the right amount of paper for the size of the box that we wrap, if the paper is too big the sides are worse.

We put the tape cutting a piece long enough to make a loop.


We cut the end of the tape with the scissors to be able to place the bells. Depending on the size of the package we place more or less jingle bells.

We form the bow and trim the ends of the ribbon to make them look pretty.


To make the sheets we cut a small rectangle of green cardboard.

We fold the cardboard in half and cut into a half sheet.


Then we make small bites with the scissors along the edge and when we unfold the cardboard we will have a leaf similar to that of holly.


We put the sheets in place. If we are going to transfer the package it is convenient to put a little glue on the end of the sheets so that they do not move.


To mark the gifts I have used the same green cardboard of the leaves. I have cut a circle with the die-cutter and with the help of a template and a golden marker I have drawn the initials of the recipients.

Green round label with a golden letter

With a small green clip I have attached each tag in its package.


And that’s how beautiful they look!

If you also love wrapping nice gifts and want to see more ideas, take a look around my pinterest board where you will find a lot of original proposals.

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Until next time!

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