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How to Recycle Bottles to Create Jugs

Flower Arrangements in Bottles

Flower Arrangements in Bottles

See how to recycle bottles to create jugs. Start collecting the little bottles and decorate your house with these beautiful vases and arrangements!

Flower Arrangements in Bottles

Does your garden or terrace need a little more life? Maybe this is the solution. We’ve brought you a simple step by step here, but very nice to use as an ornament for your home. These are bottles that can be painted and then used to decorate the environment you choose.

See how to do it and create yours too! Also because it’s always nice to be able to create these simple tutorials with glass bottles. Do it especially if you already have the bottles to reuse and were just waiting for a cool idea to do with them.

How to Recycle Bottles to Create Jugs

The making process is very simple. You’ll just paint the little bottles and then make a floral arrangement to further decorate the object. Make several of these and you can create a beautiful and decorative composition to decorate different environments.

Recycle bottles and decorate in style

It is simple manual work and cheap to do. In the same way you can do it with small bottles, you can also do it with bigger bottles and decorate it very stylishly, as we’ll show you in the following examples.


– Little bottles
– White spray (or whatever color you prefer) for painting on glass
– Flowers of your choice (natural or artificial)
– Bottle pack box (optional)

Note that the box is one of those with soda or beer. You will have to decorate it if you choose to use it as well for decoration. This craft is great to do with support groups, among other groups that need creative chores to occupy and relax their minds.

Step by step tutorial

You just need to follow the steps shown below. In a way, it’s a cheap and very cool craft to do with the reuse of the bottles. Create also through this simple recycling guide.

To do it is very simple: clean the bottles and remove all the labels that might exist. Then paint the little bottles with the special white spray for painting on glass.

Place the flowers inside your new vase and choose a cool way to present them. Note that these can be artificial flowers as well as natural flowers.

As you can see from the screenshots, the tutorial suggests that you use the jugs next to each other or inside a decorated soda pack canister.

To make the box, buy a glass bottle soda pack that comes with a similar box and then paint it in the color you prefer.

This ocean green used in the box combined very well and is a good idea for you to implement in your craft as well.

Pretty cool suggestion, right? You can even post a special message for visitors. Below we have prepared a selection with more interesting ideas in this regard for you to make at home too!

Bottles with flower arrangements

See that you can make everything simple to do by betting on easier ideas. When you don’t need to paint the bottles, you can easily make ornaments more quickly and conveniently, as in these ideas below.

Vase with bottle

Arrangement in a bottle

Create your little bottles with arrangements and then decorate the table you want to decorate. In fact, it’s a very simple way to make this type of decoration. In other words, it’s another easy and cheap tip to create with recycling.

Decoration with recycling bottles

See that you can bet on practical and more rustic ideas to make these decorations for tables and various rooms. They are decorations that are nice to decorate your home in special moments, as well as to decorate festive spaces, among other ideas in this regard.

Simple arrangements with bottles

See more simple arrangements to make with recycled bottles. After all, just take the bottle, sanitize and then place the flower arrangement you prefer. It looks amazing and can be great for making centerpieces, among other creative and delicate decorations.

Arrangement in a small bottle for decoration

Decorative vases with little bottles

Flower arrangements with little bottles

You can make a lot of nice decoration through these inspirations. Eventually you can create similar projects and make any space more beautiful and cozy with these little bottles with flower arrangements.

Bottles decorated with floral arrangements

See more cool ideas for making these ornaments with recycling. However, these decorative items were even more sophisticated with the decoration made with paint on the bottles. See how beautiful they are!

Decoration with recycling bottles

Decoration with recycling bottles

Using masking tape you can create a stencil to paint, remove the masking tape and check the beautiful result. It’s another cool and easy way to make these ornaments with the reuse of glass bottles.

Decorative vases with little bottles

Recycle bottles and decorate in style

Look how many cool tips and inspirations you can rely on when making your ornaments and decorations with the reuse of bottles. Create especially if you love these cheap ideas with recycling.

Decoration with recycling bottles

Decorative vases with little bottles

There are many tips that you can do too and make everything more beautiful through the art of recycling. So you can create a much more beautiful setting on the table or in any other place you want to decorate.

Decorative pots with PET bottles

Even with a plastic bottle you can create beautiful vase and jars for decoration. See how beautiful these creative examples were with the reuse of PET bottles.

Vase with flower arrangement

Arrangement of flowers with PET bottle

Just as it is a beautiful vase, it is also a wonderful decorative item for many occasions. Once you have the plastic bottles to reuse, it might be a great idea to create similar pitchers this way.

Flower arrangements with little bottles

There are many beautiful tips for you to make and make your decoration more beautiful. Reuse your plastic bottles too and rock the creations of your floral arrangements for party decoration with recycling.

More tips with bottles

There are also these other creative tips with glass bottles for you to create at home. Do and you can certainly create more beautiful decorations with recycled bottles.

→ paint and decorate bottles with adhesive tape

By painting bottles you can make wonderful centerpieces, ornaments and vases! See how to do it too and create the way you prefer at home. For sure everyone will love it!

→ how to make beautiful decorated bottles

How about seeing these other charming ways to create ornaments with glass bottles? In the same way that you liked these ideas, you can get very attached to these other tips. Check it out and do it with a lot of improvisation and creativity.

Flower Arrangements in Bottles

I hope you enjoyed learning how to recycle bottles to create jugs. Also do and decorate your environment with perfection. Good creations and even the next ideas!

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