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How to make stars with fabric

1586568247 How to make stars with fabric

A good idea to take advantage of small scraps of fabric and some old jeans is to turn them into Christmas decorations.

These very decorative stars are made in a moment and we can use them to decorate the tree, decorate a Christmas wreath or hang them in the form of a garland.

Follow the step by step if you want to do them:

Fabrics and templates for sewing Christmas starsWe prepare the fabrics that we are going to use and two star-shaped patterns of different sizes. You can download the patterns that I have used by clicking here.

We fasten the colored star with pins on the denim

We draw the big star on the denim. We cut out the small star on one of the patterned fabrics and place it in the center of the drawing holding it with pins.

With the sewing machine we finish off the starWe sew the small star by going over the edge in a zig-zag stitch.

we sew the star We put another piece of denim underneath and weave a stitch following the edge of the big star.

You have to leave a piece of the star unopened to be able to fill it.

fill the star with wool or cottonWe trim the star leaving a small margin until the stitching and fill it by pushing the wool well to the corners. Then we close the opening with a handmade stitching and take the opportunity to place the ribbon that will serve to hang them.

decorative star garlandWe can tie them together with a string and use them as a garland.

Denim starsOr hang them loose on the curtains or on the Christmas tree.

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Until next time!

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