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How to make soy milk

how to make soy milk

how to make soy milk

This vegetable milk is one of the best known, especially for being one of the first to be successful. Learn how to make soy milk the right way to get the best benefits from this drink.

how to make soy milk

When I was removing cow’s milk from my diet, soy milk was the first one I tried. At the time I didn’t know I could get vegetable milk from other sources and everyone said soy milk was one that looked more like cow’s milk.

The result was a total disappointment, as it doesn’t look like cow’s milk at all. Perhaps the only similarity is the bank color. Another feature that soy milk has is the amount and variety of amino acids present.

Because vegetable soy milk is the most protein-rich milk there is. So much so that from milk it is possible to make tofu, which is the famous curdled soy milk. It resembles a ricotta with very little fat and almost no taste.

However, special care is needed to remove antinutrients from soy before consuming it. I’ll explain everything well below.

Antinutrients are substances that hinder the absorption of important nutrients for our body. The best known of soy and other beans is phytic acid or phytate.

It hinders the absorption of iron, calcium and other important nutrients. In addition to producing a series of unwanted effects. However, by hydrating and boiling the milk, it is possible to greatly reduce these antinutrients.

How to make soy milk

To start making your soy milk it is necessary to choose the soy well. Because the ideal is non-transgenic soybeans and what motivates this is the taste. Organic soy tends to have less aftertaste and is easier to work with. However, if you can’t find organic soy, you can work with what you have in your city.

Then it is necessary to hydrate the soy water well, if possible changing the water used for its hydration several times. The ideal time is 8 hours (overnight) with at least 3 water changes.

how to make soy milk

You will notice that the water becomes clearer and the soy changes from a ball shape to a bean shape. At this point it is also clearer than with a more pleasant odor.


  • 1 cup of hydrated raw soy
  • 1 liter of water
  • 3 drops of vanilla extract
  • 1 pinch of salt
  • 1 teaspoon of agave syrup or sugar

Method of preparation

When the soy is fully hydrated, mix it with part of the water and add the rest little by little. Do this if you want a very smooth milk and no lumps. Then sift with the help of a voy.

The residue is known in Japanese cuisine as okara and is used to make a lot of recipes. Search for okara and learn special recipes with this ingredient.

Now with the milk you should boil for 1 minute after lifting the bubbles. Just like it is made with peanut milk.

Finally, add the remaining ingredients to the milk when it cools and refrigerate. This vegetable soy milk lasts much longer than the others due to the boiling. However don’t take too long to consume.

Did you like this tip on how to make a tasty and nutritious soy milk at home? So don’t forget to share it with the ones you love. No doubt they will love it.

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