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How to make pistachio milk

how to make pistachio milk

how to make pistachio milk

How to make pistachio milk: Anyone who has ever eaten loves it, because pistachio is a much more common oilseed in the Middle East than here. That’s why its value is so high, but the taste and aroma are worth the cost.

how to make pistachio milk

Due to the cost, I prefer to consume this vegetable milk rarely, but I choose special times to make the milk. It is worth to spice up recipes for cakes, cookies and the like.

As with other oilseeds and their milks, pistachio milk is rich in healthy fats that are beneficial for the health of the heart, as well as the circulatory system.

how to make pistachio milk

Pistachio milk is great for making sweets, ice cream and popsicles as it is very creamy

This milk has a good amount of protein and antioxidants, as well as fiber that is essential for our intestines. It obviously has zero cholesterol and zero lactose as it is 100% vegetable.

Another interesting feature is the color of the milk, which tends to turn slightly green due to the color of the oilseed. Despite the color, the flavor is far from being a vegetable flavor. Because I think that of all the vegetable milks this is the one that tastes closest to cow’s milk.

Although I haven’t had cow’s milk for a long time, I liked the taste and it’s known that many vegetable milks just have a similar color and super different flavors.

How to make pistachio milk

how to make pistachio milk

Tip: I really like using pistachio milk to make ganache, sweets and toppings, precisely because it has this more complex and attractive flavor for the most demanding palates.


  • 1 cup of hydrated pistachios
  • a liter of water
  • 2 pinches of sugar and one of salt

Method of preparation

First, moisturize the pistachios without the skin and without being salty. If it is salty, just change the hydration water twice every 1 hour to reduce the salt.

Then just beat it with a little water and add it little by little. Pistachio is like the one with the cashew nut if you are new and well hydrated.

If there is residue, just color with the help of a voal and never throw it away. Because they are still delicious and expensive. After all, it’s pistachio!

Did you like the tip? So be sure to share with everyone who might need these ideas. Surely they will love it! Also comment below if you have any questions. We will be happy to help and until the next recipe.

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