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How to make nut milk

how to make vegetable milk nut milk

how to make vegetable milk nut milk

Find out how to make nut milk, discover and experience all the benefits!

how to make vegetable milk nut milk

Commonly consumed at the end of the year, walnuts are very beneficial to health. What few people know is that they are great for the production of vegetable milk. Do you like nuts? So come see how to make nut milk at home.

Among the main benefits of this milk is the fact that it helps in fat metabolism. That is, people who are overweight or have high blood fat, can benefit from regular consumption of nut milk. But each case is different, consult a nutritionist to find out if this milk can really help you.

how to make vegetable milk nut milk

Very rich in fats beneficial to health, walnuts have a high nutritional value. Milk has a great flavor and can be drunk straight as well as being used in pancakes, cakes, porridge and bread recipes, for example.

Like other vegetable milks, it must be consumed within two days after production. Even so, it is cheaper and more practical than buying industrialized vegetable milk.

So it is an excellent option for those who want to reduce lactose consumption or simply want to diversify their diet with more creative and healthier alternatives.

how to make vegetable milk nut milk

Did you like this super healthy idea? Then come see the step by step and the main benefits of vegetable nut milk.

How to make vegetable milk from nuts

To make vegetable milk from walnuts you will need a very fine sieve or voal. As well as a very potent blender to break the nuts. Prefer to use lukewarm water to get the maximum amount of fat from the nuts. Because warm water helps to better dilute the fat from the seeds, as well as
other substances present.

how to make vegetable milk nut milk


  • A cup of peeled and hydrated walnuts
  • 1 liter of water
  • 2 pinches of sugar and a pinch of salt

Method of preparation: How to make nut milk

Hydrate your walnuts by letting them soak for 3 to 4 hours, preferably in the fridge. Then just hit the blender putting a glass of water initially.
When you notice that the walnuts are well crushed, just add the rest of the warm water and beat more.

Finally, just strain with the help of a voal and the resulting residue can be used in recipes for cookies and cakes, for example.

Benefits of nut milk for our health

Here are the benefits you can get from consuming homemade nut milk. Certainly some of these qualities can help someone you know. Nut milk is ideal for those who are overweight and need a more efficient fat metabolism, for example.

So if you know someone who is stuck or fits this question, don’t hesitate to test or share this information,

  • Nuts are rich in antioxidants, so they prevent cancer and fight premature aging;
  • Nut milk is also rich in anti-inflammatory substances;
  • Improve bowel health by being rich in fiber;
  • Help improve blood pressure, weight loss and fat metabolism;
  • Contribute to male reproductive health.

Did you like the tips? So be sure to try this wonderful vegetable milk at home. No doubt you’re going to rock the preparation of this nut milk recipe.

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Want to know how to make other super cheap and nutritious vegetable milks? So here’s a brief suggestion of ideas to get you inspired and produce wonderful vegetable milks.

See step-by-step instructions to innovate with seeds you’ve never used before, including birdseed. Super nutritious and inexpensive and makes an excellent vegetable milk for use at home.

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Like birdseed milk, sesame milk has numerous qualities in addition to an excellent taste. Try both and choose which is the best

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Here’s how to make this tasty quinoa vegetable milk. Also know that this milk is one of the most recommended by nutritionists for its high nutritional quality.

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Unusual but super nutritious, yam milk competes well with quinoa milk for ranking among the healthiest. How about trying them both and finding out which is the best?

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how to make Brazil nut milk

Brazil nuts are also a tasty and affordable option. We can say that it is one of the easiest and most flavorful milks to obtain. Goes very well with coffee and chocolate

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This is undoubtedly one of the tastiest vegetable milks out there. Therefore, it is an excellent option for those who want to start using vegetable milk and feel a great taste and great fat level. As it is more expensive milk, it can be supplemented with yam milk.

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Learn how to make sunflower vegetable milk

There really are many possibilities. After all, nature provides all the material possible for us to choose from so many options and we never need to repeat. It is a great option to mix with yam milk.

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how to make homemade rice milk

Rice milk is one of the easiest and cheapest vegetable milks to make. Light and very starchy, it’s also great for making porridge and porridge. Just like the yam milk we teach in this post.

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