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how to make napkin rings for christmas with cardboard tubes

1584891752 how to make napkin rings for christmas with cardboard tubes

napkin rings for christmasToday I bring you an idea to decorate the table at Christmas celebrations: make napkin rings for christmas with cardboard tubes of toilet paper. They are very easy to make and are beautiful.

These are the materials you need:
Cardboard tubes
Cotton fabric
Jute twine
Golden jingle bells
Scissors, needle and thread and glue.
cardboard tube napkin ringUsing a cutter, we cut a cardboard tube leaving a width of 3 centimeters. We line it with the string so that it is completely covered.

We cut a piece of fabric and fold it into three to leave it in the shape of a ribbon. Calculate that it must be long enough to fit around the tube, plus 8 centimeters for the loop that we are going to make.
cardboard tube napkin rings

We put the tape around the napkin ring and sew it to fix it.cardboard tube napkin ringWith the rest of the tape we form a loop to which we sew the bell.

cardboard tube napkin ringWe tie the bow to the napkin ring and we already have the first finished model.
cardboard tube napkin ringFor the second model we pass a piece of string through the bell, we tie a knot and tie it on a piece of cloth (folded three times like the previous one).
We tighten the knot, make a loop with the twine and sew the ribbon over a jute-covered tube.

cardboard tube napkin ringThis is the finished napkin ring.
cardboard tube napkin ringFor the last model we cover the tube with fabric.
In the central part, on top of the cardboard, we sew the fabric together and fold the excess fabric into the tube, fixing it with glue.
napkin rings for christmas

With a piece of twine we go a couple of turns around and finish adding the bell and finishing off with a bow.
napkin ring-with-cardboard-tubes

You see how simple and beautiful they are, so let’s get to work, you are in time to make them and set up a nice table this Christmas.

Another good idea to decorate the table at parties is placing a cover for cutlery. Here you can see how to make Christmas cutlery holders with paper napkins

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