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How to make cold brew coffee

how to make cold brew iced coffee

how to make cold brew iced coffee

See how to make cold brew or cold infusion coffee and discover a surprising coffee taste.

how to make cold brew iced coffee

The recipe is very simple, as it really looks like the coffee was left in the bottle. No need to heat water and often no need to strain.

We recently posted an article about iced coffees.

In this post we’ll show you step by step and everything you need to make your first cold brew coffee at home.

This recipe has been gaining more and more followers and the motivation is in its flavor. Because the bitterness of the drink decreases a lot and the sweet flavor of the beans stands out.

In addition, iced coffee ends up being more interesting for hot summer days and for the hottest times of day.

how to make cold brew iced coffee

As well as it is great in alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks and various preparations, especially with citrus and carbonated drinks.

How to make cold brew coffee step by step

The drink that we are going to teach here is a basis for preparing different drinks. You can mix it with milk, soda and even drink it straight with plenty of ice. As well as adding brown sugar, diluted honey, among other sweeteners.


  • 50 g of ground coffee for french press (thick)
  • 500 ml of cold water

how to make cold brew iced coffee

Walkthrough: How to make cold brew coffee

To make your first cold brew coffee, set aside a 1 liter glass and fill with 500 ml of room temperature water.

Then add the coffee and mix until it is soaked through.

Leave the mixture at room temperature for 24 hours until serving, as this is the time required for the infusion to take place.

So just filter using a filter or sieve, taking advantage of the fact that the dust tends to deposit at the bottom of the glass.

To store, place in the refrigerator and use when it is very cold, or add plenty of ice to the preparations.

Cold brew coffee with soda

This super refreshing recipe is super known and appreciated in trendy coffees.

  • 150 ml of cold brew coffee
  • 150 ml of lemon soda water
  • 2 lemon slices
  • 2 mint leaves
  • ice to taste

Add ice to the glass, then add the lemon slices. Add the cold brew coffee and then the lemonade of your choice. Finish with the two mint leaves.

No need to mix, because the fun is to see the mixing of drinks occur little by little. As well as the difference in taste from the beginning to the end of the drink.

Cold brew coffee with milk

To finish off a delicious cold brew coffee with vegetable milk. We post several recipes here, so if you like this idea, there will be no shortage of references.

  • 150 ml of cold brew coffee
  • 150 ml of very cold vegetable milk (prefer fatty milks)
  • 1 pinch of cinnamon
  • 1 teaspoon sugar or agave syrup

Put everything in a blender or a shaker with ice cubes. Beat and serve in a long glass. No doubt it will be very successful.

Did you like this wonderful tip? So be sure to share it with your friends, they will surely love it.

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