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How to make coffee with cinnamon: discover the benefits

how to make coffee with cinnamon

how to make coffee with cinnamon

Cinnamon coffee is a great choice for those who want to vary the flavor of coffee with more health and vitality.
Because we almost always drink coffee following the same recipe as always. Yes, coffee is tasty, but to vary it is even tastier. Do not you think?

how to make coffee with cinnamon

Cinnamon does not only change the flavor and properties, as one of the strengths of this spice is its aroma. This is without a doubt one of the aspects I love most about the cinnamon coffee recipe.

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So if you want to get out of the rut with a simple recipe, here are two ways to add cinnamon to your coffee. Also know all the benefits that this simple action can bring to your daily drink.

Although cinnamon is almost always used to finish and decorate coffee recipes, it doesn’t always come in enough quantity to change the flavor.

Benefits of coffee with cinnamon

how to make coffee with cinnamon

Antioxidant: Both coffee and cinnamon are antioxidants as they help fight free radicals in the body. And these free radicals are mainly responsible for aging. So we can say that coffee with cinnamon helps fight premature aging.

Thermogenic: This means that the drink helps speed up your metabolism. This, in turn, is responsible for our ability to turn nutrients into energy. In other words, coffee with cinnamon helps us burn sugar and fat, helping to lose weight. Is not cool?

Prevents diabetes: As we talked about before, coffee with cinnamon helps to burn sugar, so it favors the removal of sugar present in the blood, lowering glucose levels.

Stimulant: It helps with focus and concentration in addition to eliminating sleep for a long time. However, it is not healthy to avoid sleep continuously. Drink with moderation.

How to make coffee with cinnamon in the Italian coffee or percolator

how to make coffee with cinnamon

To make this recipe, just add cinnamon to the powder that will be strained. Be it the Italian coffee maker or the simple strainer or common electric coffee makers.

In this process, both coffee and cinnamon will be part of the brew at the same time. Isn’t that great?

For every 5 servings of coffee, add one of cinnamon. If you like less cinnamon flavor, try adding less and keep testing.

Coffee with cinnamon at the end of the coffee

In this recipe there is less camel than in the previous one, but in an amount sufficient to change the properties of the drink.

Just add cinnamon to freshly brewed coffee. Sprinkle enough cinnamon to cover the entire surface of the coffee and stir several times to spread the powder.

The downside of this way is that the drink inevitably gets powdery and not everyone likes it.

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