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How to Make Christmas Tree Balls

How to Make Christmas Tree Balls

Bolas_cuerda_2 There is no doubt that in my blog these are going to be Christmas the rope and burlap and this is the fourth tutorial in which I use these materials to make Christmas decorations.

It all started with these Angels, then the Birth came and last week it was these little angels to hang from the Christmas tree.

The angels were taken by my daughter, who suggested that balls with this same technique would be beautiful. Although at first it seemed to me that they could be a little bland I got on them and here you have the result: rustic style balls much prettier than I had imagined, what do you think? Do you cheer up with this DIY?

These are the materials we need to make the balls:

  • Sisal or pita rope
  • Polyspan balls
  • Burlap
  • Lace and / or trimmings
  • Hot melt glue gun


We start by making a small roll with the rope, which we glue onto the polystyrene ball using the hot melt glue.


Little by little we are winding and gluing the rope around the ball. It is not necessary to apply the glue continuously, just alternate small touches are enough.Bolas_cuerda_6

When we reached the end of the ball we cut the excess string.Bolas_cuerda_7

With a thread from the same burlap that we are going to use to decorate the balls, we make a loop and stick it on top.
Bolas_cuerda_8 This would be the finished ball.

Bolas_cuerda_9 On this basic ball we add pieces of burlap, lace, lace or trimmings to get different finishes.

Bolas_cuerda If you like rustic-style Christmas decorations, you will love these balls and they will look beautiful on the Christmas tree .

You can also make them larger and place them on a tray or bowl as a decorative element.

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Until next time.

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