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How to make Christmas pendants out of cardboard tubes

1586358487 How to make Christmas pendants out of cardboard tubes

Yes, I know, there is still plenty of time to fill the house with christmas decorations, but if you want make them yourself without spending a hardYou may need some time to collect the necessary material.

In this case it is recycle cardboard tubes of toilet paper to make these stars that will be beautiful on the Christmas tree.

It is not a difficult job, so you can involve the little ones of the house to help you, they sure love it!

We start by crushing the cardboard tubes and cutting them into strips.

With a couple of droplets of glue we join two of the pieces that we have cut. We place one inside forming a cross.

We add two more cross pieces to make the star shape.

Using paints or markers we decorate the arms of the star with a drawing that we like and stick a button in the center.We can also make Christmas pendants by decorating with ribbons. We begin by gluing the chosen tapes on the cardboard tube.And then we cut the tube into strips.And we mount them in the shape of a star as we have seen in the previous examples.

We pass a piece of thread through one of the arms of the star to be able to hang it wherever we want.

If you like to make Christmas decorations out of cardboard tubes, here you have a selection of great ideas and here you can download the templates to make a very nice Christmas choir, which is also mounted on cardboard tubes.

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