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How to make Christmas ornaments with racks

1584263127 How to make Christmas ornaments with racks

Christmas decorations with racks

The usefulness of wooden racks is to keep the fabric taut when we embroider, but for some time they have also been used as decorative elements and we can also use them to make Christmas ornaments.

For this week I have prepared three little racks 11 cm wide with Christmas motifs. Instead of embroidering I have made felt applications on fabric, and I have added buttons, embroidered ribbons, beads and a bell to make these little ornaments.

Do you want to see how they are made?

We place the fabric that will serve as the background on the frame and tighten it well. We cut and place the pieces of felt on the fabric and we baste them so that they do not move.

Christmas decorations with racks

We remove the fabric from the frame and sew the pieces of felt. If they are large we can sew them by machine, which is faster.

christmas decorations with racks

Then we are sewing the details of the drawing. The smaller the pieces of felt, the more difficult it is to sew them with the machine, the better it is to do by hand.

christmas decorations with racks

Once we have sewn all the pieces of felt and the drawing is complete, we put it back on the frame and tighten it well.

christmas decorations with racks

We trim the excess fabric on the back of the frame.

christmas decorations with racks

We finish off the ornament by making a side on the screw that tightens the frame.

christmas decorations with racks

We can make different drawings and add buttons, bells or beads to decorate the drawings.

christmas decorations with rackschristmas decorations with racks

You can make your own designs, because any simple drawing will be beautiful, but if you want to repeat the ones I have made here you can download the patterns.

If you like to make your own decorations and enjoy your creativity, here you can find a lot of Christmas ideas.

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Until next time!

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