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How to make Christmas angels

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Christmas angels

Last year I already prepared some Christmas decorations with rope and burlap and I loved the result, so this year I have taken up these two materials again to make two Christmas angels.

Do you want to do them? Well, you only have to follow the step by step that I explain below. This is how these Christmas angels are made of rope and burlap:

We begin by making the cone that forms the body of the figures, for which we roll a cardboard starting from a corner. Once we have all the cardboard rolled up in the shape of a cone, we fix it with zeal so that it does not fall apart.

Cone for Christmas angels

We measure from the tip of the cone and make a mark at 35 centimeters.

Measuring cone for Christmas angels

At the height we have just marked and with the help of the measuring tape we draw a line around the cone and cut with a cutter.

Cut the cone for Christmas angels

In the polystyrene ball that will form the head we make a small hole and with the hot silicone gun we connect it with the cardboard cone.

Then we cover the whole figure with pita string. We start by making a small roll with the rope, apply a little hot silicone to the roll and stick it to the top of the polystyrene ball. Next we are adding small drops of glue while we are wrapping the rope around the ball and the cardboard cone. Be careful when lining the polystyrene ball, because it burns if the silicone is very hot or we rub against the tip of the gun.

We start lining Christmas angels

Once the whole figure is covered with rope we place the embroidered strips and the lace that adorn the front and the bottom of the angels. The trims are also glued with hot silicone.

We place the decorations on the front of the Christmas angels

The next step is to assemble the sleeves, for which we cut a paper pattern like the one seen in the photograph, fix it with pins on two pieces of burlap and cut.

We cut the sleeves of Christmas angels

We assemble the sleeves joining the sides with a basting. So that the stitches are not noticeable we can use a thread from the burlap itself.

We sew the sleeves of Christmas angels

We finish the edges of the sleeves with embroidered strip

We glue the decorations on the sleeves of Christmas angels

and paste them on the sides of the figure. Once the two sleeves have been placed, we finish off the neck with a piece of embroidered strip or a lace ruffle.

We glue the sleeves of Christmas angels

The next step is to assemble the wings of the Christmas angel, for which we cut two pieces in the shape of a heart. We join the two pieces together at the edges, either with hand stitching, by machine, or with the silicone gun. We apply a hot silicone strip along the heart and stick it on the back of the figure. Clicking here you can download the wing and sleeve patterns that I have used.

We cut the wings of Christmas angels

To make the halo we use twine thread. We make a braid with nine ends and we give it a round shape. We cut the excess pieces, we finish off the two ends that we have cut with the silicone gun so that they do not fall apart and we glue the halo on the back of the figures.

Braiding the halo of Christmas angels

You have more tutorials to make ornaments with rope and burlap here and if you want to see more ideas to make angels, on my pinterest board you have more than one hundred angels made with different materials.

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Until next time!

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