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How to make Bulletproof coffee

how to make bulletproof cafe

how to make bulletproof cafe

How to Make Bulletproof Coffee: O bulletproo coffeef is a widely used drink for those who want to improve focus and productivity, as it encourages the body to use fat burning for energy. Helps in the body’s metabolism by increasing fat expenditure.

how to make bulletproof cafe

As well as those who want to perform physical work such as competitions and improvement of sports performance. See how to make bulletproof coffee and learn more about this coffee recipe that you can make at home using just a few ingredients.

The name Bulletproof coffee means bulletproof coffee, as this is the idea of ​​this recipe, make you bulletproof!

Another interesting thing about this recipe is that it promotes satiety for longer by avoiding the inappropriate consumption of sugar and other foods out of time. Because when you’re satiated, you’re hardly going to go off your diet and eat unnecessary items.

Never drink bulletproof coffee with something sweet or with sugar, as the effect of it may simply be the opposite of what is intended in terms of fat loss.

This recipe is sold very expensively in cafes and cafeterias around the world, but the ingredients are super simple and cheap. Not even the coffee is rich, but the ideal is to use organic coffee (reddish).

how to make bulletproof cafe

The powdered coffee we buy around has an excessive roast to hide defects and even mask improper ingredients. Therefore, the ideal coffee tends to be more reddish than black. Because in this type of organic coffee we have a higher concentration of active antioxidants and the flavor and aroma are much better.

As incredible as it may seem, it is possible to find organic coffees with a price very close to the common coffees sold in the market. I like to buy whole grains to grind at home.

How to make Bulletproof coffee

As we said before, look for organic ingredients and coffee with medium roast, also organic. This way you guarantee a higher quality of your bulletproof coffee. If you are going to offer this drink in your cafeteria or establishment, consider highlighting these qualities on the menu to further enhance your product.


how to make bulletproof cafe

  • 250 ml of organic brewed coffee (preferably freshly ground)
  • 1 to 2 tablespoons of organic coconut oil
  • 1 dessert spoon of ghee butter or sesame oil

How to prepare: How to make Bulletproof coffee

Pass the coffee and when it’s still hot add the oil and mint. Then beat in a blender until it is very foamy.

Serve still hot in a pre-warmed xpicara.

Take a maximum of 1 unit per day as it has a lot of fat.

People who do not consume milk can use sesame oil in place of ghee, tried and tested!

Did you like to know How to make Bulltproof coffee? It’s really easy, isn’t it?

Benefits of bulletproff coffee

Maintenance of satiety: By providing more energy, coffee with coconut oil helps our body feel full for longer and with less food.

Increases focus and productivity: The caffeine present in coffee helps us to maintain concentration for longer and we certainly lack this attribute in the face of so many tasks and stimuli.

Reduces cravings for sweets: Due to increased satiety, sweets become cloying.

Does not have pesticides and toxins: When choosing an organic product, we avoid consuming substances that are harmful to the body.

When to drink bulletproff coffee

Take preferably in the morning, away from meals or before physical activity. Just like before studying.
Avoid drinking coffee if you have already consumed other sources of caffeine during the day and avoid drinking it at night as it can disrupt your sleep and the entire fat loss effect will go down the drain.

Also do not add sugar to bulletproof coffee. I know temptation will arise for most people, but the fat loss effect goes the other way, as sugar will encourage the body not to need to use fat.

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