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How to make an Easter garland.

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Easter bunny garland

If you like decorating the house for celebrate easter, you can do this simple colored bunny garland. It is very easy to do and the children will love it.

materials to make an easter wreathYou will need colored cardstock, scissors, universal glue, a string and carded wool or cotton to make the bunnies’ tails.

Fold the cardboard in three to cut 3 shapes at once.

Cut out the silhouette of a rabbit on a piece of paper and use it as a pattern to transfer it to the cardboard. If you fold the cardboard in three, as shown in the photo, you can cut three silhouettes at the same time.

Silhouettes of rabbits for easter wreathYou have to make small balls with the cotton and glue them on the silhouettes with the universal glue.

Easter wreathThe string is passed through the ears of the rabbits alternating colors and it is finished and ready to hang.

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