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How to make a small Christmas tree

1588032154 How to make a small Christmas tree

Abeto_sobremesa_pasta_2 This year for the Christmas decoration I have decided to make some small fir trees to place on the sideboard of the living room.

You already know that one of my objectives is that the jobs that I teach you come out « by four quarters » and in this case the chosen material could not be cheaper: a package of food pasta, specifically « daisies » that you can find in any supermarket.

Do you want to see how they are made?

Table Top MaterialsAs a fir tree base I have used a polystyrene cone, although you can also make a cardboard cone or use a plastic cone that you have left using thread or wool.


Poliespan dissolves on contact with some glues and paints, so I’ve lined the cone with cardstock to make the job easier.

fir_pasta_2 The cardboard is glued with a glue u niversal, the remainder of the base is trimmed and painted with the spray paint of the chosen color. In my case copper color.

fir_pasta_3 Using the silicone gun calie The paste pieces are glued around the cone starting at the base.

fir_pasta_4 Rows are added to cover co Completely the cone and spray painted.

Small christmas tree made with pasta Once the paint has dried, the trees can be decorated with small beads, although I liked them better without any decorations. If you make three of different sizes, the result is most decorative.

If you liked these little saplings and want to see more ideas, take a look at my Christmas tree desktop Pinterest board.

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Until next time.

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