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How to make a pendant to decorate on Halloween

How to make a pendant to decorate on Halloween

I acknowledge that the Halloween party it has always produced mixed feelings on the one hand I love costumes and distributing candy to children and on the other I feel that it is a holiday outside this country. Anyway, I have never been very clear on whether to celebrate it or not … until a few days ago I heard that in the United States bull running like those of San Fermín and Tomatinas like that of Buñol are being organized.

Long live the party! and to set Halloween I have made this pendant with two hairy spiders. Below I explain how it is done.

Colgante_arañas_halloween_1 I used one of the round handles of a bag to form the spider web. Since it was beige, I gave him a coat of black spray paint.


Once the paint has dried I have formed the rays of the spider web by tying several pieces of black wool.

Colgante_arañas_halloween_3 Once we have enough spokes, we begin to weave the web.

Colgante_arañas_halloween_4 We tie a long piece of black wool in the center of the spider web and with the help of a knitting needle we go through each radius forming a spiral.

Colgante_arañas_halloween_5 We continue with the spiral until completing all the web.

Colgante_arañas_halloween_6 Next we form the pom-poms. These small plastic tools are very practical for this purpose.

Colgante_arañas_halloween_7 Once we have rolled the wool and closed the plastic circle we pass four black pipe cleaners through the center.

Colgante_arañas_halloween_8 We cut the wool and tie the pom-pom leaving the pipe cleaners hooked in the middle.

Colgante_arañas_halloween_9 Once the plastic part has been removed, we shape the pipe cleaners to look like the spider’s legs and stick a couple of little eyes on it. To finish we hold the spiders in their web.

The truth is that these spiders are more cute than terrifying, but children sure love them.

If you want to see more ideas to decorate in HalloweenHere you will find more tutorials, costume ideas and bags and garlands to download and print.

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Until next week!

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