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How to make a monarch butterfly costume

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Butterfly costume

In a few days we will celebrate the Carnival, a party in which children always participate with enthusiasm.

They are delighted with this game of wear costumes and become for a day your favorite character and although you can buy ready-made all kinds of costumes, it is always more fun to make them at home and the result is much more creative and original.

This monarch butterfly costume will undoubtedly be the favorite of the little ones in the house. The wings are made with cardboard and eva rubber and you can download the pdf template with the drawing.

Do you want to see how it’s done?

The monarch butterfly costume tutu is made with three layers of orange tulle. The truth is that I bought it made and I have cut the hem in the shape of spikes to give it a little more grace.

Tutu butterfly costumeFor the antennas I have used silver colored « pipe cleaners » which I have fastened by rolling them over a rigid headband.

Butterfly costume antennae

With manila paper I have prepared two life size templates of the wings.

Butterfly costume templateHolding the template with pins on a black eva rubber sheet I have cut the holes that have to be orange. Two pieces of the upper wings and another two of the lower wings are required.

Butterfly costume wingsOn the black eva rubber wings we paste an orange cardboard cut out with the same shape.

Butterfly costume wingsOn the wings at the top and before gluing the other piece of black eva rubber on top of the orange cardboard, we put a wire frame, to prevent the wings from bending.

Butterfly costume wingsA few touches of white paint on the ends complete the design of the wings.

butterfly costume wings

Once the upper and lower wings are completed we glue them together with hot silicone. We also glue in the center a rubber that we have sewn in the shape of an eight and that will serve to fasten the wings to the girl’s back.

Butterfly costume wingsSo that the rubber does not separate from the wings, we reinforce the union with a black tape to which we give several turns gluing with hot silicone.

Butterfly costumeWith leggings and a black sweater completes the monarch butterfly costume that is ready to flutter from flower to flower.Monarch Butterfly Girl Costume

If you need some templates to draw the wings you can download and print them in PDF format by clicking on the following links.

Butterfly wings 1

Butterfly wings 2

Butterfly wings 3

Butterfly wings 4

Placing the four drawings as seen in the photo, you get the template for the complete wings.


You can see more ideas to make costumes in the costumes section of the blog or look for inspiration on my pinterest children’s costumes board.

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Until next time!

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