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How to make a Halloween door wreath

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Halloween wreath to decorate doors

This is the halloween wreath that I have prepared to decorate the front door on October 31st.

Every year there are more children who are encouraged to enjoy the Halloween party and I like to put some kind of decoration outside, so that they know that a good deal awaits them in my house and they do not pass by.

Do you want to learn how it is done?

The base of this halloween wreath are two cardboard circles 40 centimeters in diameter. I have used two because the cardboard was not very consistent, but if you have a cardboard that is hard enough you can use only one circle.

We begin by lining the cardboard with black pinocchio paper.

We cut a strip of black pinocchio paper wide enough to cover the cardboard circle.

We baste with care not to tear the paper and we gather to form a frill that we glue on the crown with the hot silicone gun.

In the same way we prepare another flyer a little narrower than the previous one with the orange pinocchio paper. We paste it on the crown.

To make the last flyer we use purple pinocchio paper and we pass the basting through the center of the paper.

We stick the steering wheel on the crown through the central part, where we have passed the basting

We turn the Halloween wreath around and glue the pinocchio paper that protrudes from the back.We cut two strips of eva rubber in purple and with a permanent marker in black we paint the stripes on the stockings.

To make the boots we cut four silhouettes and glue them two by two all around, leaving the top and the spikes of the boot open.

We put the stockings inside the boots and fix them with the hot silicone gun. We rotate the peak of the boots outwards and glue it. We add a shiny buckle or any other detail that we like to decorate.

If you want the mold to cut the boots, below I leave you the link to download the templates of the boots and the Happy Halloween poster.

To make the brim of the witch hat of the Halloween crown we cut out a circle in black eva rubber 23 cm in diameter. The width of the wing is 6.5 cm.

The cap of the hat has a height of 24 cm. We cut a piece like the one in the photograph and glue the two straight sides together to form a cone.

We pass the cone through the circle that we have cut out before and force the position of the wing so that it remains crossed, as seen in the photo. With the hot silicone gun we glue the two pieces and once they are fixed we cut out the part of the cone that has been below the wing.

We flip the hat over and attach a purple ribbon and buckle.

To make the broom we need a more or less straight branch about 40 cm long. I have used the vine branch and it was great.

We cut several pieces of pita string about 30 centimeters, place them around the branch and tie them. We cut the ends of the rope with which we have tied the pieces and finish with the hot silicone gun so that the knot does not unravel.

We fold the pieces of rope over the bundle that we have made placing all the ends of the ropes in the same direction. With a finer piece of twine we tie again.

Once the broom is well tied, we undo the strands of the rope and trim the edges to equalize them.

And finally it remains to print, cut and paste on rubber eva the Happy Halloween poster that you can download at this link: Halloween wreath templates.

To finish the halloween wreath we glue the stockings with the boots on the back, and the broom, the hat and the poster, in this order, on the front of the wreath.

In the other circle that we have lined with black pinocchio paper, we cross a wire that serves to hang the crown and glue the two circles together. Make sure that the wire is well aligned with the legs, so that the halloween wreath does not stay twisted when placed.

And that’s all for today. I hope you liked this tutorial and that you help me spread it by sharing it on your social networks.

Happy Halloween and see you next time!

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