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How to make a garland for Valentine

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Two days left to Valentine’s Day and the net has been filled with hearts. I did not want to be less and with some sheets of newspaper and a piece of red cardboard I have prepared this garland for valentine.

Do you want to see how it’s done?

We start by cutting out some pennants on newspaper, choosing the parts of the newspaper that only have letters. With the red cardboard we cut out the hearts and form the roses. We glue the hearts in the center of the pennants with stick glue.

Newspaper pennants, roses and cardboard hearts to make a garland for Valentine's Day

To make the roses we use a circle of 5 cm in diameter. If we use a die, they will be perfect.

Die to cut circles of 5 centimeters in diameter on red cardboard

With scissors we cut the circle into a spiral.

Red cardboard circle cut in a spiral to make a rose

And starting from the outside of the spiral we roll the cardboard to form the rose. We can help ourselves with a thin toothpick to make it easier to start rolling the cardboard at the beginning of the spiral.

Cardboard spiral rolled to form a rose

Once the entire spiral is rolled, apply a little hot silicone to the base so that the cardboard does not lose shape.Cardboard spiral rolled to form a rose

With the hot silicone gun we stick the flags on a red string. We turn the garland over and glue the cardboard roses to the ends of each pennant.

We glue the flags on a string to form the garland

And it’s already finished. In less than fifteen minutes we have a very cute Valentine’s garland.

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Until next time!

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