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How to make a children’s party online: 5 easy steps

How to make a childrens party online 5 easy steps

Many parents ended up facing a huge challenge this year. How to make children’s party online? What to consider for this type of celebration, how to organize to carry it out, which ends up being important?

It can really be a real challenge to have a birthday party in quarantine. But in the same way it is necessary to consider that a party in the traditional way is still not safe and suitable.

With the arrival of Covid-19 in our country, many things have to be changed. One of them ended up being the way we celebrate special dates and our birthdays. For us who are adults, it ends up being much easier to deal with all this and the impossibility of having celebrations with those we love. But how to explain this to children?

Many parents saw online parties as an alternative to not letting the date go unnoticed and also to bring children closer to friends and other relatives they had not seen for a long time due to the social withdrawal imposed by the pandemic.

Although it is indeed an excellent option, not all parents know well what to consider so that the experience is positive for the child and that he can enjoy his moment.

How to make children’s party online?

What does the child want to do?

The first step for you to be able to have a children’s party online is to start from what the child most wants to do on his birthday, after all it is her day and she decides. Of course, you must explain that she must choose what she wants to do within the possibilities that the moment allows.

Sometimes what the child wants most for that day ends up being spending the whole day playing video games and in this case, the expectation is not so much at the party. What the child is most interested in doing is what should guide what you will do.

Engage her in every step

Even if the birthday party this year does not involve the reception of guests, it ends up being important that even so the parents do not neglect any single step of the same so that everything goes smoothly. After all, even without guests, the most important person of the birthday will be present.

So to help you how to make children’s party online here I have gathered everything you need to know about the environment and what needs to be done to effectively talk about the moment of congratulations.

An important step for a children’s party during social isolation is to involve the child in all stages of preparing for whatever is related to their party. From the cake itself to the sweets. The child’s participation ends up being excellent for them to get involved with the party and to see everything as effectively part of their party.

Speaking of an important stage, it doesn’t matter if the party will not have guests due to the pandemic, it ends up being essential that there is a cake and some sweets for the child so that the date does not actually go blank. Even if the cake is small only for the parents and the child.

Organize your children’s party time well online

Having a balanced routine during quarantine and social isolation ends up not being common to all parents. Because of this, it ends up being essential that there is a planning or organization. That way, you can either take care of the party preparations or spend time with the birthday girl. If it is possible to take time out of work, it also ends up being super welcome.

And nothing to do the house activities on that day, after all, birthday happens only once a year.

Now that you’ve had a pre-introduction on how to make a good party in the quarantine, let’s see some tips of items that you should consider to boost your party and even during isolation make your little one have great memories of that day .

It is worth noting here that the birthday party for the child has a lot of weight and is super expected. It consists of a time when she can receive friends and family, and eat everything she likes. This year the celebrations will be different so be careful and pay attention to details, they make all the difference.

Decorate the room

Of course, as we will not have guests, the decoration does not need to be the same size as it would have been if it were a normal party at a time other than this moment when we are facing the pandemic. But even though it is something smaller and much smaller, it is necessary for your child to have a special decoration. That way, he will be able to remember that it is a special day.

You won’t even have to spend a lot for that. You can buy small ready-made kits or invite the little one to get their hands dirty and help with the decoration. They love this involvement with the party.

The decoration of the environment is very much the theme that your little one likes most, but there are more neutral themes as well, such as circus, seabed and outer space.

Again, as it will be a party restricted only to you, without guests, it is not necessary to decorate the whole house. If financially possible children love it, they remind them all the time that it is a special date, but you can decorate only one room in the house.

If your child likes a certain character, respect that preference and look for a way to reconcile his budget with the decoration he wants.

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The party playlist

Every good party also has good music. You must choose the playlist you will play mainly during the meeting with family and friends that we will see below.

The playlist can be composed of the songs that the child likes and also others that please you and the guests. Choosing not to have a song playing can end up leaving the party monotonous. The sound option brings more cheer to everyone, not to mention that the child can sing and dance to the music.

How to make children’s party online: the long-awaited moment

With the whole environment ready you can call all the guests to sing a virtual congratulation at a previously established time. For this moment you can place the child positioned with the cake and candles so that he / she extinguishes them at the end of the song.

To match all the guests, a link can be made as an invitation to a meeting room through the Zoom platform and triggered to all the guests. You can also make a digital invitation telling the party to all of them.

Nowadays, there is no lack of tools on the internet to do this type of work and in a few clicks and in a few minutes you have a beautiful invitation to shoot next to the link.

The ideal is to let the online congratulations be a surprise for the child, revealed in the last moments. Anyway, even if you choose to count, do not name the guests, because eventually one or the other may end up not participating due to unfamiliarity with such tools.

Did you like to know more about how to do children’s party online? So be sure to follow the other articles on the blog, I have many other news for you!

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