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How to knit a snowman for the Christmas tree

1584053603 How to knit a snowman for the Christmas tree

knit a snowman

Surely by now you already have the Christmas fir assembled, but you are still in time to add one more ornament. Take out the knitting needles and some scraps of wool and before you know it you’ll have finished this nice snowman to hang on the tree.

A small rectangle is woven for the doll’s body. The one in the photo is 14 stitches wide by 18 laps high and is knitted with # 4 needles.

Once the rectangle is finished, we cut the strand with which we have been knitting, we thread it in a wool needle and remove the stitches that we have on the needle. We pull the strand to gather all the stitches and then sew the sides.

Fill the inside of the doll’s body and close, joining all the points on the bottom.

We cut a piece of wool and wrap it around the body while pressing. Secure with a couple of knots and cut the excess wool. We already have the shape of the snowman, now all we have to do is knit the hat and scarf that he is wearing.

For the scarf I have mounted 5 stitches on 3.5 needles and I have knitted 50 rounds in stockinette stitch alternating green and red every two rounds.

For the hat I have mounted 30 stitches and I have knitted elastic for 12 rounds alternating the colors red and green every two rounds.

Once the hat and scarf were placed on the doll, I have secured them with a few stitches using a needle and thread.

Also the doll’s eyes and nose are made of thread, black for the eyes and orange for the nose.

knit a snowman to hang on the christmas tree

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