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How to knit a Christmas stocking with two needles

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How to knit a Christmas stocking with two needles

A classic Christmas decoration ornament is socks. Knitting a Christmas stocking with two needles is very easy if you follow a simple pattern like the one I explain below.

If you use thick wool and 5.5 needles you have it finished before you know it.

We start by mounting 30 stitches in blue and knitting the first four rows of the right to make the edge of the sock.

The fifth round we knit it inside out and with white wool. From here we knit in stockinette stitch (one turn from the right side and one from the wrong side), alternating the colors every two rounds to form the striped pattern of the sock.

On lap 32 we begin to form the heel.

Tutorial to knit a Christmas stocking

To get the shape of the heel of the sock we calculate half the width. In this case, since we have ridden 30 stitches, half would be 15. We knit 1 less than half, that is 14 and turn the work to continue knitting inside out. On this backhand row we knit 13 stitches and turn to continue knitting. In this round we make only 12 points.

We continue turning the work and always knitting one less stitch in each round, until we only have 4 stitches to knit.

Knitting a Christmas stocking

Then we knit those four stitches and continue with the other stitches that have been left on the needle. We turn the piece and knit all the stitches we have on the needle. We have already formed the heel of the sock.

We continue with the stripes throughout the work and when we have 14 laps since we finished the heel, we begin to reduce points to make the toe of the sock.

We knit two stitches at the beginning and at the end and two stitches together twice, in the center of the work.

We repeat these same reductions on the next round and then weave five rounds in blue to finish the toe.

We cut the thread with which we are knitting and use it to pass it through the stitches that we had on the needle.

We pull the thread to gather the toe of the sock and sew the sides, trying to use the blue thread to sew the blue stripes together and a white thread to sew the white stripes.

Once we have finished knitting the Christmas stocking, we sew a cord to hang it and we can add a bow with some pompoms to decorate it.

Although the striped drawing is the simplest and looks great, you can make any design you can think of.

This pattern is very easy to knit and you can make it the size you like best. You can knit a large Christmas stocking for Santa Claus to fill with gifts, or knit small socks that you can place as an ornament on the Christmas fir tree.

If you like knitting and want to make more Christmas decorations with two needles, here is a tutorial for knitting small mittens that you will love and if you have small remnants of wool that are left over from other tasks, these elves made with pom poms are a nice way to take advantage of them.

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