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Horrible silhouettes to decorate Halloween

1588345701 Horrible silhouettes to decorate Halloween

_Gato_halloween silhouette

How about putting a silhouette on the window to decorate on Halloween?

So that you only have to print and cut, I have prepared two horrible silhouettes for you: a twitching cat and a terrible witch flying on her broom. Once placed in the window and with a light on in the room, the result is chilling, just as expected at a Halloween party.

To download the jittery cat template click here.

To download the template of the terrible flying witch click here.

To make the silhouettes more consistent, glue the templates on cardboard or on eva rubber and then cut them out. You can hold them on the window glass with a bit of tape.

Haloween SilhouettesA decoration very easy to make but very effective and if you also light the room with candles the setting will be spectacular.

If you want more printables for the Halloween party, here is a garland and here are some bags for the goodies.

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