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Hama bead patterns: snowflakes

1585939577 Hama bead patterns snowflakes

hama bead designs: snowflakes

Do you know the hama beads? They are small colored plastic tubes that melt on contact with the heat of the iron and are joined together.

With them you can make a multitude of designs and although originally they were aimed at children, more and more adults are hooked on these versatile little beads.

They can also be used to make christmas decorations and the figures of snowflakes

Do you want to see how they are made?

Necessary materials:

  • Medium white Hama beads
  • Templates of different shapes: round, star and hexagonal
  • Tweezers to handle the beads (not essential)
  • Baking paper
  • Griddle

hama-beads These are the materials needed to make the flakes: white hama pearls, and the plates with little pricks that are used to place them. Depending on the template we use (round, star or hexagonal) we can develop different drawings.

Once we have placed all the beads on the templates and the design is finished, it is protected with a heat resistant paper and the hot iron is passed over it. With the heat of the iron the pearls melt and unite with each other. By pulling the paper, the design separates from the skewer template and when they have cooled slightly, the paper is easily removed.

Here are a few models that can serve as inspiration.


You can buy the hama beads here and start making your snowflakes to decorate the christmas tree, form a wreath, a mobilestick them on the windows the windows, hang them from the lamps …

I already warn you that working with hama accounts is very addictive and once you try it, it is difficult to stop. If you want to find more patterns to work with hama accounts, in this Pinterest board you will find a lot of different designs.

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Until next time!

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