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Hama Bead Ideas: Christmas Decorations

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What do you think about starting now with Christmas decorations? There is still time, but now that it gets dark so soon and you feel like staying home it may be a good idea to start preparing the decorations.

Today I leave you a tutorial to make Christmas decorations with Hama beads, children sure love it and they can spend a very entertaining afternoon with these little plastic beads.

When you put them on the tree that Christmas they will be very proud of their work!

For this project, you need red and white beads and start by placing the red beads in a circle on a round template.

Adornos_navidad_hama_1 Next with the white colored beads a symmetrical drawing is made, in this case it is a six-pointed star, but there are a lot of possibilities different.


Fill in the gaps with the red beads and add six beads at the top of the ball to form the neck of which then the we will hang the figure.


From here the process must be carried out by an adult, since there is a danger of burning yourself with the iron.

We place the baking paper on the figure and pass the hot plate until the beads melt and are joined together.

Adornos_navidad_hama_4 We carefully lift the template figure (careful burning)

Adorno_navidad_hama_5 and put it back between the baking paper. We pass the iron again through the other part of the figure until the beads also melt on the other side and let the piece cool down. If we put a heavy book on top we will avoid sagging.


Once it has cooled, we put a ring that we can use to hang it and finish off with a small loop with red ribbon.


Isn’t it beautiful? If you want to see more ideas with Hama accounts you can go through my Pinterest board, where I have collected more than 150 different projects.

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Until next time.

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