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Gift details at a celebration

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christening-detailsWhat do you think of these little bags like detail to give to the guests of a christening? They can be filled with candy or sugared almonds and hang a small label with the date and the name of the baptized on the handle.

They are not difficult to do and when they ask you where you have obtained them you will be able to say with pride that you have made them yourself.

christening paper bagStart with a 21 cm square paper on each side. It is divided into three parts of 7 cm each, both vertically and horizontally and folded inward so that the paper remains marked. End diagonals are marked and folded out.



We fold the diagonals and place one side on top of the other.

christening bagsWe fold on the other side in the same way and we already have the shape of a cube.

fold the sideWe make a fold in the center of the sides so that when joining the top it is the shape of the bag.

IMG_2199 With a cardboard we make the upper part of the bag. It is a square of 7 cm on each side. At 3 cm we make a fold and leaving a centimeter wide we fold again. For the handle we cut a strip 1 cm wide by 14 cm long.

christening detailsWe paste the handle.

Christening bagsOn one side of the cardboard we sew a button and on the other we make a couple of holes through which we pass a cord.

Details for christeningWe glue the top and bottom of the bag on the back and passing the cord forward we loop over the button, so that the bag stays closed. It is not necessary to leave the drawstring very tight, so that we can open the bag without having to undo the loop, just taking out the drawstring above the button.

I have prepared them for a friend who is organizing a christening and I am sure you will love them, but they would also be a very nice detail for any other type of celebration such as communions, birthdays, baby showers, a 15 year old party …

What would you use them for?

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