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Fireworks and babies: know what care to take

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New Year’s Eve is marked by celebrations, parties, champagne and fireworks. Even though beautiful, the colorful and bright explosions of fires can be extremely harmful to people in poor health, animals and babies.

Understand below how fires affect children and what precautions to take to spend the new year full of health.

How fireworks harm the youngest


Blond baby in overalls crying because he is alone in his crib. Photo: Freepik

Usually, situations involving fireworks are accompanied by other noises such as loud music and conversation. The hectic environment is harmful to the child psychologically and physically, because the noise affects the ears that are more sensitive than those of adults and the mess makes children nervous.

Of course, each child has a temperament and a way of dealing with movement. And, it is up to the parents to understand how far this limit goes.

But, it is super important to remember that exposure can give irreversible health problems. In the case of babies, an acoustic trauma can result in a unilateral (on one side) or bilateral (on both ears) hearing loss on a temporary or irreversible basis. In other words, an oversight at the turn of the year can be a reason for deafness for the child.

Ways to protect children’s hearing from fireworks


Blue-eyed girl with blond hair, red blouse and yellow headphones. Photo: Freepik

Keeping your distance from fires is the best way to prevent children from getting hurt or stressed. But, we know that it is not always possible to get away from parties completely. In that case, bet on ear plugs. But, avoid using earplugs and cotton balls because the likelihood of losing or hurting the child’s ear with the object is more likely. Prefer earplugs that look like big headphones.

Another way to improve your child’s experience is to get them to sleep in a secluded and safe room during the fires or to associate the party and noise with something positive. So when the little one cries, keep calm, talk to him, hold him. If he is frightened by the noises, show that the sounds are associated with happy things and that there is nothing to be afraid of.

Outside the holiday season, it is even worth putting the sounds of the party and fires on radio and television and normalizing them for children.

Other risks that must be remembered

In addition to the danger to the ears, fireworks cause severe burns and injuries, especially when installed in a homemade manner. According to information from the Brazilian Society of Orthopedics and Traumatology, one in ten people has one of their upper limbs amputated and other sequels due to the handling of fireworks. Another frightening number is that in these accidents, 20% of deaths were among children between 0 and 14 years old.

Even if there are fires in the market that are said to be safe, or indicated for the handling of children, there is no pediatric recommendation that this should be done! Always keep your distance from fires and prefer that they are handled and installed by professional and indicated people.

No matter what the severity of the accident and injury, a doctor should always be consulted before administering medications and choosing treatments. In case of burns, wash the wound with cold water without ice. Do not use homemade recipes such as toothpaste and baby powder. In case of gunpowder in the eyes, wash with saline and cold, clean water, without rubbing. In case of emergency, call the Mobile Emergency Service, Samu, at number 192 or Fire Department at 193.

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