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Everything you need to know to decorate the table at Christmas

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Family gatherings for dinner or lunch at upcoming parties They are one of the most widespread traditions in all the houses and to celebrate these dates as they deserve, we strive both with the menu and with the decoration of the table Christmas.

If you want set up a charming table and surprise your guests without spending a fortuneDo not miss the following ideas and tips:

Decorate the table at Christmas: How to choose colors

It is convenient respect the style of decoration that the room where we set up the table already has. If we have decorated our living room with a rustic style where dry branches, pine cones and burlap predominate, we must use the same criteria with the table and use the same colors and motifs as in the general decoration of the room.

If the table is not very big, is better use a white tablecloth or in light tones and add a touch of color to the accessories: napkins, under plates, glass holders, napkin rings …

How to place the dishes

To get a harmonious presentation you have to carefully place all the items that are on the table. Following these simple rules, the table will be beautiful:

  • Always place a flat plate and a deep one on top. You can decorate the set with a low plate or with a placemat.
  • Above the plates place two glasses, one for the water that goes to the left and another for the wine, placed on the right.
  • The spoon and fork are placed to the right of the plate and the fork to the left. The cutlery is placed in order of use, so that the first ones that we are going to use have to be on the outside and the last ones closest to the plate.

Depending on the formality of the table, you can place more or less elements. With this scheme you can get an idea of ​​how to set a formal table and an informal one.

place the dishes on a table

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How big does the table have to be?

Christmas meals usually have more diners than usual, remember that each of them must have a space between 60 and 75 centimeters to be comfortable.

What add-ons can I use

Christmas meals are special and so that the table is at the height of the celebration, we can use some plugins that are not common in the day to day:

Table runners. They are a perfect option for transform a table with a simple plain tablecloth into a festive table. Use them along the table or traversed to delimit the space of each diner.


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christmas table

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Under Dishes. A good idea to give personality at the table and accompany a simple tableware.

Placemats. Another good option for brighten up a table without spending too much.


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Markers. If you have many guests markers will be very practical so that each diner knows what place to occupy at the table, in addition to being a decorative element.


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Napkin rings. In the christmas table decoration napkin rings They will give you a lot of play and you can also use them to bookmark your guests. It is very easy to make napkin rings using the cardboard tubes of the toilet paper. Look at these ideas and click on the photos if you want to see how they are made.

napkin rings-tubes-carton
Napkin rings_7

Cutlery holder. An informal option to present the cutlery on the table in a different way. Here are two tutorials that can inspire you. One made with paper napkins and the other with cloth. Click on the photos to see the step by step.

Cutlery_1 Bags_for_covered

Centerpieces. The centerpieces are the perfect complement to finish the decoration, although you can also use the option of placing some suspended ornament, they are very impressive and prevent so many items on the table that we have no room for dishes.


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I hope this article has inspired you and if you want to see more ideas for decorate the table at christmas, don’t miss this Pinterest board.

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Until next time!

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