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DIY Nativity scene with rope and burlap

DIY Nativity scene with rope and burlap

Birth__13 For this week I have prepared another tutorial with rope and burlap. You liked the angels last week and I have received a request to make a Birth with these same materials.

Well, I have set to work delighted and here you have the result: a rope and burlap nativity scene of the most original that you can place in any corner.

This is how you do it:

The figures are made of pieces of polyester foam and glued with hot melt. There are many glues that cannot be used on polystyrene, because they consume it, so if you are going to use any other adhesive, first test if it works on this material.

Nacimiento_3 The figure of the Virgin is made up of two pieces of polystyrene, a cone and a ball, which we glue between yes and we wrap with pita string. We cover the figure starting from the union of the two pieces and going down to the base and then starting also from the union and wrapping upwards until the ball is completely covered.

So that the figure of the Virgin is slightly smaller than that of Saint Joseph, I have cut the cone of polystyrene a little at the part of the beak before hitting the ball.


Once the whole figure is covered with rope, we make a roll with a piece of burlap and glue it to the center to form what will be the arms

Nacimiento_14 For the figure of the child Jesus we use a small ball of polyester covered with rope. A burlap roll that we glue to the head and a strip that goes through the head and crosses over the body.

Nacimiento_6 Next we place the Child Jesus in the arms of the Virgin and stick him.

Nacimiento_9 We cover the Virgin with the cloak and we place the folds holding with pins until it has a proper shape. We are removing the pins one by one and replacing them with small points of hot silicone, so that the mantle stays with the desired shape.

Nacimiento_8 We cut out the part of the cloak that protrudes below.

Nacimiento_10 For the figure of Saint Joseph we cover the cone and the ball with rope separately. With two burlap rolls we form the arms and stick a stick in the shape of a cane. We put a wide strip of burlap over the cone as a tunic and tie a piece of string around the waist. Then we hit the ball that forms the head.

Nacimiento_11 We glued the two figures together at the base and also the arm of Saint Joseph on the back of the Virgin. We finish off the set by gluing the two figures together on a piece of burlap, from which we then cut the excess.

Nacimiento_1 And this is the result of the work, what do you think? Do you dare to make this rope and burlap birth?

If you liked this idea, leave me a comment and you will make me happy and remember that you can receive all my tutorials in your email if you subscribe to the blog or follow me on Facebook, Google+ or Twitter not to miss any item.

Until next week!

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