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DIY Gifts for Father’s Day

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8 diy father's dayThere are very few days left to celebrate father’s DayThat is why I have looked for a few ideas that can inspire you to prepare your gifts.

A classic of gifts for dad are cards, which in addition to being inexpensive are very easy to make.

Card-jacket In Marta’s things they have made this one so beautiful, it is very original and a loving message can be written on the shirt inside.


These are shaped like I have found the shirt in Easy Crafts and you can learn how to make them by following an explanatory video.

superhero-card And if you don’t feel like cutting and pasting, you can download this Such a cool card that they give us at Mar & vi, to tell Dad that he is « our favorite superhero ».

bracelet A The most flirtatious dads will love this bracelet that teaches us how to do in Crafts and trends, it looks very beautiful and is very easy to make.

chest This coffer decorated with coffee filters is an idea of ​​A Hollow Decoupage. Dad surely has many treasures to keep in the.

Tazasuperpapas2 And if you like practical gifts, this mug is ideal. The decoration is a bit formal, but if you leave the children for sure they will make a work of art. It is a proposal of Mummycrafts.

Fingerprint plate (10)Even the smallest can collaborate in the gift, if only by stamping their little hands with porcelain paint, as they have done at Elenarte,

magic-plastic-keychain_1-535x528 or painting on magic plastic a drawing for dad, which we can then s transform into a keychain.

If you have found your ideal gift, get to work and if you still do not have it clear, take a tour of the Easy Network, where inspiration is never lacking.

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