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Decorative garland for halloween

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At the end of this month of October it is celebrated Halloweeen and I have to admit that I love giving candy to children. I live in a small urbanization and for several years the neighborhood children have been walking the streets from door to door. I always put some detail on the door, so you know that a good deal awaits you at my house.

This year I will place this little ghost garland. I was looking for something super tough that you already had at home and I have used garbage bags Handy bag. They are so easy to do that when you try you will not be able to stop and you will fill the house with ghosts.

These are the materials you need:

  • Trash bags for bathroom Handy bag. I have used scented bath bags because they smell wonderful and are white but there are also elastic modalities for « difficult cubes » with a darker color and that will stand out more if your door is white. Either one is just as tough for this.
  • Scissors
  • Thread
  • Permanent marker

Plastic ghosts for halloween

We begin by cutting the bag by removing the top and also cutting the sides and the bottom to keep the bag divided into two squares.

How to make a garland for halloween

We use the piece printed with the mark of the bags to make a small ball. We fold the other piece over itself twice to form a smaller square

Halloween ghost garland

We put the ball in the center of the square

Ghost garland

and tie the bag under the ball using the thread.

Plastic ghosts for halloween

We stretch the plastic of the bag so that it remains triangular and make some cuts at the tip.

Plastic ghost for halloween

We use a piece of string to tie the ghosts together.

Halloween ghost garland

We can also place the ghosts on a stick for skewers and prick them in the garden or put them in a vase; use them to decorate the table or hang them from a lamp or form a mobile.

Ghosts to decorate on Halloween

What do you think of this garland for Halloween? Can you think of more ideas to make using garbage bags?

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