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decorations with wool pompoms for the Christmas fir

1584786672 decorations with wool pompoms for the Christmas fir

pom pom decorations

Every year I make some new decorations for my daughter’s Christmas fir. Last year I made some pixies with pineapples that were very cool, but I made the mistake of putting bells on them and that was too much temptation for your cat …

This year’s goblins are made with wool pom poms, they have their cute felt hats but they don’t have bells. I hope that this way they can survive more than a year!

Next I tell you how these decorations with pompoms are made.

There are many ways to make a pom pom out of wool, but if you have to do a lot, I recommend using a pom pom. If you have never used one, here you can see in detail how to use a pom pom.

wool and pom pom

Once the pom pom is finished, we use the same thread with which we have tied it to add the wooden bead.

pom pom decorations 1

We can make pompoms with wool of a single color, mix two different colored wool or use multicolour wool, the more variety the better!


The hats are made with a piece of felt. We can previously make a paper pattern that can be used to cut the hats. With colored threads we do some small embroidery. At the tip of the hat we sew the thread that will serve to hang the decorations.


We use the hot silicone gun to stick the hats on the wooden beads, with a black marker we draw the eyes and they are finished and ready to fill the Christmas tree with color.


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