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Decorations to hang on the Christmas tree

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This weekend I discovered that they have opened a Tiger near my house and that there were already some items for sale Christmas. They had beautiful embroidered ribbons and I couldn’t resist buying. As soon as I got home I started preparing these small packages to decorate the tree Are they really cute? I love the miniatures and these packages look like they were prepared by Santa’s elves. Want to see how they are made?

We start by cutting 3 cm cardboard squares on each side.


We glued several cardboard together, to form a small cube.


We wrap the cardboard cubes with a paper that we like. If they are printed, it is better that the drawing is small, so that it is proportionate with the size of the packages. I have used paper for scrapbooking and craft paper.


To decorate the packages we glue two pieces of cross embroidered ribbon. With a few drops of hot melt glue fix the two pieces of tape on the bottom of the package. At the top we cross a string that can be used to hang it from the Christmas tree. We hide the knot below the crossing of the ribbons.


Next we make a simple knot on the cord with the embroidered ribbon. We cut the ends of the knot leaving two pieces of tape and lower the knot into the package.

And we already have our decorations ready to hang on the tree as if they were small gift packages.


If you want more ideas to decorate the Christmas tree, here are instructions to learn how to make little angels, balls or stars and many more ideas to make all kinds of decorations and decorate your home at Christmas.

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Until next time!

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