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Decoration for Festa Junina: 20 beautiful ideas

Decoration for Festa Junina 20 beautiful ideas

How about creating a beautiful decoration for Festa Junina? We’ll show you cool ways to make these ornaments for St. John’s decoration. Check it out and do it too!

Decoration for June Party

You will find wonderful tips here! These are items that can be ideal for your decor to be really a hit with guests! After all, it’s really cool to be able to improvise in your creations and make beautiful decorations for your Festa Junina.

Also make these decorations for Festa Junina and you will certainly be able to create beautiful decorations accordingly. Also because it’s always nice to be able to innovate with these silly ideas and make creative decorations in our small parties.

20 decorating ideas for Festa Junina

We’ve put together several ideas that you can do to decorate your home in a timely manner. See how nice it can be to make these decorations with affection at home.

1 – Colored paper mobiles

How about creating these colorful mobiles that go great with a wild party? After all, it’s always beautiful to be able to place colorful ornaments in our camp. See that it looks amazing to put in certain environments you want to decorate.

How to make Decoration for Festa Junina

Betting on colored papers, which are beautiful and cheap, you can do too. The walkthrough is simple, as you can see.

1 – Cut 9 colored strips with 20 cm and then staple them all together along the edge. Note that 4 of these strips will be on one side, 1 of them will be in the middle and the other 4 strips will be on the other side. In other words, plan well to distribute the colors so that it decorates well at the end of the craft.

2 – Next you will squeeze the other end of the ornament (which is not stapled) with your hands in order to shrink and create the shape that is shown in the photos. When you do this, go molding and adjusting the strips to be the way you want.

3 – After shaping the ornament the way you want, cut the remaining paper at the other end and staple as in the beginning.

Just make several ornaments this way and then thread it on the ceiling or whatever you prefer to create a beautiful decoration that way in your Festa Junina.

2 – Colored fabric ribbons

You can decorate a little corner with lamps and colorful fabric ribbons! Something simple and cheap also with a fantastic final result for your modern decor.

How to make Decoration for Festa Junina

See that it is something that can actually be beautiful to do in your party of St. John. Create and certainly you can have very pleasant surprises creating these June decorations in your home. This decoration is especially nice outdoors, such as backyards and gardens.

3 – Decorated Junino Panel

Take a comic or a blackboard and decorate it to make a super cute decorated panel for your little party. It’s a simple and beautiful way for you to create a delicate decoration in your São João party. This beautiful June panel was made by the Atelier Marisa Alves store at Elo7.

How to make Decoration for Festa Junina

Do it especially if you like these simpler ways to create June decorations at the party you are going to decorate. It’s a cheap, simple, and great way to create thoughtful, creative home decors.

4 – Pots decorated with jute

It’s also beautiful to create a very cute decoration with glass jars, using jute and fabric ribbons to create the bows! What a beautiful thing that stays! It’s a nice way to make projects with the recycling of pots.

How to make Decoration for Festa Junina

See that the jute and the fabric to decorate are very beautiful in decorations with the reuse of pots. Do it especially if you already have the glass jars in storage to decorate with recycling.

5 – Paper flags to decorate

It’s also great to make mini paper flags to decorate cookies, candies and other items for your June party. It’s another cute way to decorate the items on the party tables and make everything more beautiful for everyone to see.

How to make Decoration for Festa Junina

Do especially if you love these simple ways to create cute table decorations. So you can make everything much more beautiful in the decoration of these environments in your home.

6 – Decorated cans for Festa Junina

With cans, you can save cutlery, decorations for the party table, among other opportune ideas. See that you can make a bow out of fabric and in this way decorate a room in your home in a beautiful way.

How to make Decoration for Festa Junina

Another cool option is to decorate cans using all your creativity to make very cute decorations! See an amazing selection with many cute and decorated cans for São João. So you can have more beautiful ideas to create in your bush party.

7 – Embellishment with paper molds

How about creating a beautiful ornament with paper molds? It’s a really cool way to make a June ornament from a simple and easy-to-make idea. Note that you will need a Styrofoam ball and colored paper cups.

How to make Decoration for Festa Junina

This decoration with paper molds was simply beautiful! Do it too and let anyone marvel at such a cute ornament for St. John. In this step-by-step we show you in detail how to make a beautiful ornament like this with molds.

8 – Decorated sweets for Festa Junina

It’s also nice to bet on creative ideas to serve the sweets of the June party. See how many cool tips we have separated for you. They are beautiful sweets and can be beautiful decorating a part of St. John’s table.

How to make Decoration for Festa Junina

Get creative and create your sweets beautifully to make everyone drool at your St. John party! See that you can create a lot of beautiful and creative options through a simple and easy-to-do tip, like this one.

9 – Centerpiece with jute

It’s so cute to create centerpieces with jute. Look what a cute example this idea for the June party was. It’s another beautiful and creative way to make decorations for the Festa Junina table.

How to make Decoration for Festa Junina

In the same way that you can create with jute, you can improvise and use other cool fabrics to make this type of junino ornament, such as calico fabric, TNT, among other beautiful and cheap fabrics to make Saint John ornaments.

10 – Fake cake for São João

This idea to make fake cake is also very cute and special for you to create in your party too! It’s a really cool idea to create decoration for Festa Junina with a lot of creativity.

How to make Decoration for Festa Junina

The coolest thing is that you can improvise well and create a popcorn decoration for the fake cake. It looks beautiful and matches a lot with a Festa Junina decoration. In other words, it’s a great option for you to do at home too.

11 – Junina Wreath

Look how beautiful this June garland is! It is a beautiful decoration to decorate walls at São João parties or even to make and place on the door of the house during the commemorative times and dates of June and June parties.

Wreath for June Party

See that you can use fabric, hats, felt, ribbons and satin, among other ideas and decorative objects. Do the way you see fit, including taking into account the materials you have to create the junino ornament to decorate the wall.

12 – PET Bottle Corn

You can make beautiful decorative corns from plastic bottles. It’s a way that can actually be a great way to make pretty decorations at your home-grown party. See how beautiful and easy it is to make.

Corn with PET bottle

With calico fabric you can make this corn very cute for decorating parties in São João in spaces and party rooms or even in your own home. You will certainly be able to create beautiful ornaments with this simple technique with recycling.

13 – Candy in a straw hat

It’s really cool to be able to present the sweets of your Festa Junina in a straw hat. Look how fluffy it looks and it’s also something simple to do with great grace in your home.

hat decoration

Do it especially if you love these creative, simple-to-make ideas. Note that it’s an inexpensive way to make decorations that will look great on a party table’s June decoration.

14 – Paçocas in little hats

These paçocas in straw hats were very cute! It’s another cute way to create these simple-to-make party favors. And see that if you create mini paper flags it can be even nicer to create your little table decorations.

Decorated sweets for Festa Junina

It’s a tip that can certainly be very opportune for you to create on your June table. Eventually you’ll get compliments for making something so cute and cute through simple peanut buns.

15 – Flags with calico fabric

You can make TNT flags as well or even other fabrics of your choice. But making the June flags out of cheetah fabric can be a blast in the decoration you want to make at your party. See how beautiful it looks!

Fabric flags for St. John

Once you already have the fabric to use in decorative crafts, just start making it too and make everything more beautiful with these little flags hanging by clotheslines in your decoration.

16 – Decorated June cake

Look how a super decorated and beautiful June cake can make a difference to a table decoration. As soon as you place the decorated cake on the table, you will see that the table will gain much more beauty and cuteness.

St. John's Decorated Cake

It is a very nice tip to make your decorated cakes for Festa Junina. And note that the decorations that are decorating the cake are very simple and made of paper. In other words, you can do it too!

17 – Table decorated with little flags

Look how nice it is to decorate the June table with little flags. It is especially beautiful to make on the table where you are going to put the food for the party. See that you can bet on a more neutral fabric for the table cloth and highlight the colorful flags in this way.

Decorated table for June Party

It is certainly a very beautiful and practical way to decorate a June table with typical foods and that asks for something more colorful…

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