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Crafts for Father’s Day – 66 easy ideas to give dad

1583948687 Crafts for Fathers Day 66 easy ideas to give

66-father-day-crafts-1 The next March 19 is celebrated in Spain on Father’s day and children love to prepare gifts made by themselves To entertain dad.

If you are looking crafts for father’s day to do with your children or do you do teaching and do you need ideas to develop with the children in your class, here I leave you a selection 66 crafts for Father’s Day that you will love.

Gifts for dad decorated with footprints

Using children’s footprints in handicrafts is very decorative and does not require much effort on the part of the little ones, so it can be used even with babies. It is also a precious memory that we will love to see when they get older.

There are all kinds of paints on the market that allow us to stamp on all materials, ceramics, fabric, paper … we just have to choose the support we want and the right paint.

Keep in mind that depending on what type of surface you are going to decorate, you will need a specific paint for fabric, ceramics, wood, paper …

Choose the one you need to do the job you like best:

Below you have a lot of ideas to decorate with prints:

Painted cups with children's prints for Father's Day

We start with some painted cups with the hands or feet of the little ones. Every morning, Dad can have his breakfast contemplating the traces of his children.

painted cap

Decorate a sport cap It is also a great idea for parents to look proud.

picture with children's footprint

To have a nice memory we can make a picture with children’s footprint. If we add the date we can make a whole collection of different years and visualize how it grows with the passage of time.

Picture with handprints for father's day

It is also beautiful a picture with footprints that overlaps both tracks in different colors. First dad’s big one and on top of the smaller one.

Footprint plate (10)

Another variant of the picture would be the plate with handprint, which we can use as another piece of the dishes or place ornaments on the wall.

t-shirt with footprints for dad

Using fabric paint and different colors we can customize a shirt That dad will surely look proud.


Same as this practical apron full of colorful and traces of handyman and fingers.

hand-shaped empty pocket for father's day

A emptying pockets where leaving the keys when you get home is also a practical gift that will surely succeed

coasters for father's day

Continuing with practical ideas, I love the result of these coasters which combine the children’s prints with some geometric drawings.


And for traveling parents, nothing better than these labels for identify suitcases, This way they will take a souvenir of their children through the different airports.

Stationery to give dad

If dad has an office at home or works in an office, it may be a good idea to give him some desk items. Boats for pens, notepads or paperweight are a good example of father’s day crafts.

Desktop objects made with wooden sticks

With wooden sticks and a little glue you can make small boxes ideal for containing desktop objects such as pencils, pens, scissors, markers, etc.

Notepad painted with children's drawings

A note pad that can be purchased at any stationery becomes a special gift when children decorate it.

paperweight for father's day

And with paint and some pieces of cardboard we transform some stones into these fun paperweight With car shapes.

Father's Day Card

Car design has also been used to make these note holder I’m sure dad gets excited with his messages of love.

paperweight painted with wax paints

The stone paperweight could have its own category within the crafts for Father’s Day. These painted paperweight Waxes are surprising and children will love to make them.

pen for father's day

With several cardboard tubes and some paper it is easy to make this pen, which also has the value of being made with recycled materials.


And to finish with the crafts for Father’s Day dedicated to desktop objects, this cute puppy pen holder made with tweezers of clothes

Keyrings to give away Father’s Day

Another gift that parents are sure to give a lot of usefulness is the key chains. Here are some ideas that can inspire you:

Magic plastic keychain

We can make keychains with all kinds of materials, but I especially like the magic plastic keychains. I love how the children’s drawings on this material look.

You may buy magic plastic in various colors or transparent.

Keychains with cork stoppers for Father's Day

It’s also easy to get a nice keychain painting cork stoppers and surely the little ones draw incredible characters.

Keychain shaped mustache for Father's Day

East mustache shaped keychain It can be easily done with eva or foami rubber and surely dad loves it.

fimo keychains for father's day

If you are a sports fan, we can give you a keychain with the shirts of his football team Favourite. There are many types of modeling paste air drying that can serve us.

Initial shaped keychain for Father's Day

We can also prepare a keychain with your initials using eva rubber and a pretty paper paper.

beer mug keychain to give to dad

The hama accounts They can also be used to make crafts for Father’s Day and children love working with them. Just look for a suitable drawing to make a beautiful hama beaded keychain.

car keychain for dad

Eva rubber is a material that children work easily and with a beautiful template can be made eva rubber keychains very fun.

magic plastic keychain with children's drawingAnd as a last example of the crafts for Father’s Day shaped like a keychain keychain with children’s drawing.

Prints to give to dad

It’s also a nice idea to give dad a sheet that reminds him how much we love him. On the internet there are a lot of models that we can print for free. Here are a few that you can download by following the link below each photograph:

father's day sheetFather there is only oneArt Print for Father's DayFor the best dad in the world

Art Print for Father's Day

Thanks Dad

Poster for Father's Day giftThere is no father like you

Father's Day Art Print

The best father of the world

father's day lamina

Foil for a father

foil for father's day

Dad you are the best

You are the coolest dad in the world

You are the saltiest dad

foils for father's day

Dad you will always be my hero

my daddy is superman

My daddy is superman

Photos for dad: a classic father’s day gift

A photograph of the children is a gift that will surely delight any parent. We can take a special photo by adding a message or use a photo that we already have preparing a special portrait holder for the occasion.

original photo to give father's day

Baby Eco Chic

Photo of two children for father's day

I love bugs

Portrait of boy with letters to give to dad

Just Another Day In Paradise

photo camera-shaped picture frame


Photo montage for father's day


photos framed with pallet wood

Little house of four

picture frame made with straws for father's day

Portraits with straws

Photo frames for father's day

Portraits with coins or washers

Father’s Day Cards

Greeting cards are a nice touch that children will love to make. Look how many cool ideas you can use to accompany any gift:

father's day card

Scratch card

Card with bow tie for father's day

A very elegant card with bow tie

Father's day card with mustache and bow tieWith soup paste you can also make Cards

super dad card for father's day

A super card for a super dad

I like you dad card

I like you dad Card

finger paint card for father's day

We use finger paint to make this Card

shirt cards for father's day

Original Shirt Cards


I love you card from earth to moon

Ties to give father’s day

There is no more classic gift for Father’s Day than a tie, but although we fall into the topic there is no reason not to be original and give away a « special » tie that can be made of paper, cookie or eva rubber …

Paper tie to give father's day

Paper tie

tie-shaped cookie for father's day

Tie-shaped cookie

sandwiches for father's day

Tie-shaped sandwiches


Bottles with shirt collar and tie


Wreath of ties

confectioners with ties for father's day

Sweets with tie


Paper tie

father's day pen


bookmark tie

Bookmark for Father’s Day

More ideas to give dad

Some more ideas that are easy to do and that Dad may like:

A kit with your favorite sweets.

custom bottles for father's day

Custom bottles

Tools with the decorated handle.

Crafts for Father's Day - Colored Painted Hammer


A surprise message inside an egg

Crafts for Father's Day - Egg with message

My house anywhere

A watch made with a vinyl record.

Crafts for Father's Day - Watch with vinyl

Vinyl clock

A selection of drinks and sweets

Crafts for Father's Day - Selection of goodies

Gift ideas for dad

A pendant to wear in the car.

Crafts for Father's Day - car pendant

Car pendant

I hope that among all these crafts for Father’s Day you have found your favorite, but if you still want to see more ideas, do not miss my board of Pinterest about this theme.

Every week I publish new tutorials to make crafts. If you do not want to miss anything you can subscribe to the blog or follow me on Facebook, in Google+ or in Twitter.

Until next time!

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