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Christmas tree decorations: little angels.

Christmas tree decorations little angels


I know I’m a bit repetitive and that this is the third week that I publish a tutorial to make christmas decorations using rope and burlap, but I am delighted with the results and I am seeing that you are also liking them.

Both the Angels and the Nativity Scene have had a lot of visits and comments on social networks, so with these results, I have been encouraged by these little little angels to hang on the Christmas tree.

If you have followed the previous tutorials, surely you do not need more explanations, but just in case, I will tell you how they are made:


The base of the angel is two pieces of polystyrene, a cone and a ball, glued together. The tip of the cone is cut, so that the ball is well seated. The cone is 6 cm high and the ball 2 cm in diameter.

A hot, but small, silicone gun is used to glue the polystyrene, because the large ones heat the glue too much and can burn the polystyrene.


We glue one end of the pita string to the base of the figure and then a piece of burlap.


We are winding the pita string on the figure while applying small touches of glue so that it remains fixed. It is not necessary to glue the entire rope, it is enough to glue a couple of stitches in each round.


Once we have completely covered the body and head of the little angel, we cut the rope and trim the burlap that is left at the base.


To shape the arms we roll and glue two burlap rectangles


that we glue to the sides of the figure.


We decorate with lace the arms and the body of the angel. To make the wings, we cut and glue a piece of heart-shaped burlap on the back.


With a thread of the same burlap that we have used, we form a loop that we will glue on the top of the head.


And you’re ready to hang them on the Christmas tree.

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Until next time.

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