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Christmas tree decorations: felt stars

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Even if you already have the Christmas tree decorated, you will surely find a place for these pretty felt stars. And if they do not fit on the tree it does not matter because they will be beautifully placed anywhere.

Do you want to see how they are made?

The stars are made up of three pieces of different sizes. The first is the largest and is cut using pinking scissors, so that the edges are in that beautiful zig-zag shape.

Trim felt star

With a contrasting color, we cut out two other smaller stars. We cut the big star in the center to fill it and give it a little volume.

Felt star

Sew the medium star onto the large star by placing a piece of tape between the two. I have used the sewing machine, but it also looks nice if it is sewn by hand.

Felt stars

Once the two pieces are sewn we fill the interior. With the tip of the scissors we push the filling so that it reaches the tips of the star well. Using hot silicone we glue the smallest star to cover the opening.

We cut out the silhouette of the dolls, sew two small beads in the place of the eyes, glue a piece of felt on the nose and embroider the line of the snout. We glue the face of the dolls and the bow with the bell over the star.

Felt stars

And once the work is done, all you have to do is choose where you are going to place these beautiful stars!

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