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Christmas paper garland

1589077523 Christmas paper garland


I still had a few pieces of glossy paper the one I used to make stars and since I was clear that I was not going to use it to wrap gifts, I decided make a garland.

Christmas garlandI have used a die cutter to cut the paper into circles.


And then I have joined them with the sewing machine into a strip. The circles are sewn two by two, so that they are beautiful on both sides of the garland.

Christmas garlandI was sorry to throw away the remains that were left after drilling the paper (you know I like to take advantage of everything)

christmas-garland-4so I have cut them into squares

christmas-garland-4and I have sewn another garland !!

garland-christmas-7 It took me a while to decide where to place it: hanging on a wall,

Christmas-garland-6 or on the curtains,

garlarda-navidad-2 although in the end I have hung them next to the sideboard, because I love to see them reflected in the mirror !!

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