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Christmas garland made with milk bricks

1586881596 Christmas garland made with milk bricks

It seems that Christmas is synonymous with excess spending and excessive consumption but it doesn’t have to be this way, we can celebrate the holidays without losing the diogean spirit and decorate the house with decorations made by ourselves with recycled materials and that it is also precious to us.

He bricks carton Milk is the basic material that I have used to assemble this wreath with balls and stars. It has been hard work, but I think it was worth it, I love the result!

Do you want to see how it’s done?

After cutting, cleaning and drying the brick, the circles and stars using die cutters.

The circles are folded in half, leaving the part silver inland.

With contact glue We join six circles together and hold them with a pair of tweezers while the glue dries. You can also use a hot melt glue gun to join the circles, so you don’t have to wait that long.

When removing the clamps, the balls will form, which will have an open part where we will place the cord that holds them before sticking them.

I have placed a small Jingle Bell at the end of the cord and some small colored beads and then I have been gluing the balls, placing the cord in the center and gluing the two faces that were open and the stars, gluing one with the other with the cord placed in the center.

And that’s how beautiful it has been placed on the curtains in my living room.

This Christmas you can decorate your house with a beautiful garland, made by yourself and with recycled materials.

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Until next time!

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