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Christmas decorations with recycled material

1589704580 Christmas decorations with recycled material


Recycling is always a smart alternative to excessive consumption that usually occurs at Christmas and with a little skill and some time you can get some Christmas tree decorations made from material recycled and without spending a hard.

Also, as they are cardboard You can let the little ones in the house play with them without danger of breaking. Do you want to know how they are made?

recycled-christmas-decorationsThese pendants are made using egg cartons, specifically the two cones that protrude from the center of the container.


With the help of a cutter, the cones are separated from the container and then with small scissors the edge is cut following the contour in the form of petals that they have drawn.

IMG_1143 Some are cut straight, without making the shape of the petals and others straight and a little shorter than the previous ones.

IMG_1144 The next step is to decorate them. I have used tempera in red and painted over it with gold enamel.

recycled-christmas-decorationsIn order to hang them, you have to make a small hole at the top and with the help of a knitting needle insert a piece of twine with a knot,

recycled-christmas-decorationsthen one of the smaller pieces is placed inside.

IMG_1187 You can also put a handle and use them to contain small candies

IMG_1210 or place a ribbon with bells as if it were the clapper of a bell.

If you like to recycle don’t miss the next posts because I will keep showing more ideas for make Christmas decorations from recycled materials.

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