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Christmas decorations with pineapples: how to make elves.

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elves with pineapplesThe month of December has not yet arrived, but I am already in christmas mode total. Any object that I see is transformed into my imagination in a Christmas ornament… I can’t help it!

And that’s what happened to these cypress pineapples from my garden They have become Christmas elves.

Do you want to see how they are made?

These are the materials that we are going to need:

  • Pineapples
  • Colored felt
  • Embroidered ribbons
  • Large wooden beads
  • Small beads
  • Small jingle bells
  • Rope
  • Hot silicone gun
  • Scissors


We begin by mounting the arms and legs of the elf. For the legs we cut a piece of string, tie two bells at the ends and roll up the bottom of the pineapple.

To make the arms we string two beads on a piece of string. Make a knot at the ends and cover the knots by placing the beads on top. We roll on top of the pineapple.

When the arms and legs are in place, we add a hot silicone dot so they don’t move.


We use a large wooden bead to glue it to the top of the pineapple forming the elf’s head.

We cut a small triangle out of felt to make the hat. Before sewing the hat we glue a piece of string to the top of the triangle with hot silicone, which will serve to hang the elf once it is finished.

We sew the hat and stick it on the wooden bead.

We glue a piece of ribbon to finish off the leprechaun’s hat and we put a felt strip or a piece of ribbon as a scarf. We apply a few drops of hot silicone to the ends of the scarf so that they stick to the pineapple and do not move.

We can combine felt of different colors and embroidered ribbons to make various elves.


I don’t have the Christmas tree up yet, but I have hung them on the cypress in the garden to see the effect and I love them!


All the shopping malls are already full of Christmas decorations, but if you like to make your own decorations and enjoy your creativity, here you can find lots of tutorials with Christmas ideas.

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Until next time!

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