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Christmas decorations with paper and cardboard

Christmas decorations with paper and cardboard

Paper_Christmas_ornament Today I bring you a selection of Christmas decorations made of paper and cardboard. These are ideas that some of my colleagues from Red Facilísimo have posted on their blogs and they all have their tutorial to learn how they are done.

Adorno_bota_papa_noel In El Taller de Ire I found this boot made with newsprint. It is ideal to fill it with candy and put it at the foot of the Christmas fir.


This chocolate tablet disguised as a snowman is an idea of ​​Elenarte. I really liked the result and I find it a very nice detail to give away. If we make them smaller we can also hang them from the tree.

Paper_ball_adornment Mar & vi has published do the templates to build these beautiful 3D balls with two different finishes in white and blue.

Adorno_abeto_papel With cart ulina or with paper we can make these little trees so decorative. They are of Papelisimo and so beautiful that you will not be able to make just one.

Adorno_colgantes_arbol If there are unconditional fans of Christmas it is the children. In Crafts and Trends they have prepared a tutorial for them, so they can participate creating their own decorations with shiny cardstock.

Star_Ornament Although it may not seem like these e Spectacular stars are also made of paper. You have the tutorial at Teresina SA. They are very easy to make and so beautiful that they look good anywhere.

Snowflake_wire These snowflakes Going from Ideando Art have brought me back to childhood. It was one of my favorite crafts: folding the papers, cutting and unfolding to see the figures that had formed. I assure you that I could spend hours with this activity without getting bored and I still like it!

Adorno_Flor_pascua With a m As ordinary as cardboard tubes, you can make ornaments as beautiful as this one. It is as simple as it is beautiful and I found it on the Recycling with Erika blog.

Adorno_Arbol_post_it If you want an original decoration, I recommend the post-it tree by Manetes Bones. It is very Christmassy and the best thing is that it does not take up any space. A good solution to decorate in small houses.

Large_Star_Ornament The stars are a classic element in the Christmas decoration and we can do them without complications with this tutorial of Things things and things with mesh.

I did not want to stop including in this compilation some of my works and I have selected two of my favorites made with cardboard tubes:

Adorno_coro The choir of singing children, with templates to download

Adornos_tubos_carton and the hanging decorations that you can see here.

I hope you liked these ideas and that you are encouraged to create your Christmas decorations by recycling paper and cardboard.

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Until next time!

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